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So many Idiots are clamoring for a vaccine that they are scrambling to make ANYTHING available | “RFID Chip May Be Tied to the New Coronavirus Vaccine”

This is how anti-vax people like myself are portrayed by the mainstream establishment. I never thought I would loathe my own culture the way I have come to.

All this concern within the Christian community about “the mark” being thrust upon an unwilling public, when the reality is, that there is a hefty chunk of the general population that is demanding they be given recourse to take an experimental, gene modifying vaccine, along with implantable RFID tracking & tracing capability, just for good measure. As if submitting yourself to a “tracking & tracing” network is somehow useful after you’ve already supposedly been vaccinated against Coronavirus. These idiots haven’t even thought any of this out, they are just obediently reacting to the instructions being levied by the mainstream.

These pharmaceutical companies are literally all-out scrambling to make the manufacturing upgrades necessary to even have a chance at meeting the booming demand for a vaccine. Its absolutely incredible to see this many people left seemingly contrite for no one yet having made some new radical drug/injection available for them to eagerly receive without hesitation.

So, to all the asshole Globalist elite and scumbag intel agencies that have been scheming to implant a whole slew of people with your esoteric demonic bio-tech, here they are. You got em. It wasn’t even that hard, was it? I’ve begged and pleaded with these people for months to no avail. You guys got your victims now, so leave the rest of us alone.

I promise that it’s not worth it for you to try pushing any harder for anything resembling mandatory vaccinations or RFID chip implants. You got your sheeple. Now fuck off.

Source: BY THE SPIRIT TEAM | TheSpiritTeam.com | on MAY 24, 2020 •

RFID Chip May Be Tied to the New Coronavirus Vaccine

BY THE SPIRIT TEAM on MAY 24, 2020 •

microchippingHumanity #totalsurveillance #themarkofthebeast #rfidchip #coronavirusvaccineg#mandatoryvaccination

Watch now: Interview with Jay Walker, CEO of Apiject Systems, whose company is in a $138 million public-private partnership with the White House called Project Jumpstart. Their job is to innovate a way to deliver millions of vaccines to Americans fast using eyedrop technology, and potentially using RFID Chips on a voluntary basis to track vaccine use to aid public health officials during potential future outbreaks.

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microchippingHumanity #totalsurveillance #themarkofthebeast #rfidchip #coronavirusvaccineg#mandatoryvaccination
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