Video DUMPS & Playlists

Because of the way I’m forced to add these videos to the page when adding all the videos from a certain site all at once(if I did it the normal way it would take forever) it annoyingly switches you over to full screen mode when you click “Play”. But this is only if you are in “MOBILE MODE” in your browser when on your phone or tablet. All you have to do is switch your browser over to “DESKTOP MODE” and this won’t happen. I used to be able to add them in a way where it would display the videos title and caption right over the poster-image. But I can’t seem to find the theme or setting that used to allow me to do this. If your are on a mobile phone, I would suggest downloading IDM+(Internet Download Manager). It allows you to identify and download all the videos found on any given page. Along with giving you the very useful file name(especially handy in this case) and allows you to extract(grab as it calls it) any kind of multimedia file or any kind of file for that matter from any page. You may find it to be especially useful for these video dumps I put up. It’s only for Android though, but HERE are all the alternatives to IDM.

F.Y.I, the titles if each URL/site for each individual Video DUMP,  doesn’t necessarily always correlate to the nature of its contents. Sometimes it does, but it usually indicates a certain range of dates rather than a theme.

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