Clear indisputable evidence the NFL intentionally modifies the outcome of games. Complete FRAUD!

NFL Football is an EMBARASSMENT. I’m so ashamed I ever played Fantasy Football with such vigor.

The first down that was awarded to Marshawn Lynch when he was clearly, in vivid HD, on FOX, to anyone with eyesight, WELL SHORT of the 1st down mark, was really tough to stomach. But what’s even more apparent is the use of the playclock to completely manipulate outcomes. The playclock discrepencies are the smoking gun. There is nothing arbitrary about it. It’s basic arithmetic. This is a mega multi billion dollar league. I mean a youth football referee squad can certainly maintain playclock accuracy without error. The fact that the NFL would make a mistake like that is not logical. It has to be intentional. I’ve seen other videos about the play clock being artificially modified, particularly with Tom Brady literally motioning up to one of the sky boxes and then getting a fresh play clock out of nowhere. Illegally. This kind of “jimmy-rigging” and inconsistencies with the playclock are completely out of context with basic American football rules. Yet no one takes notice with the exception of a handful of irate purist fans. Let’s change that. Fuck the NFL. Spread this like wildfire. This is what they get for blasting the volume of all their commercials to an almost criminal level.

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