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I'm sorry… but "pizzagate" is NOT fake news. Any credible FBI agent would agree. Seriously fucked up

This has nothing to do with partisan bickering or acting as a demagogue to throw stones at your political rivals. No matter what side you are on, how can you not look at the content of Podestas emails, and the disgusting, sub-human, ultra secret lifestyle, that they not so secretively flaunt in the face of the public, and not demand these people be put on death row. It’s absolutely incredible. This terrifies me to the core, since obviously they are being protected by HIGH, HIGH level DOJ, Senate, and Congressional officials, who are participating as well. The FBI agents who watched the videos found on Anthony Weiners laptop, broke down crying watching them, and these are guys who see the horrors of violent crime on a daily basis. What can we do? It’s a helpless feeling.

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