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READ: custom definition of the word CHODE. I use quite often and want to clarify its specific meaning to all.

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Once and a while I get people who ask me to clarify what exactly using the word “chode” means when describing someone. It’s actually a good question and I am happy to clarify what I deem to be the uniquly specific attributes of a “chode”.

  1. a feeble meek little weiner sociopath that displays overconfidence, is socially unattractive and inarticulate with his speech and reasoning and comes off as extremely off-putting and awkward as he tries to compensate for inadequacies and a lifetime of losing at all of lifes’ competitions and arrogantly demands and craves unearned attention and prestige.

“Dave Miner was always such a little chode”
Synonyms: weiner, tool, deeb, wimp, wuss, chump, bitch, douchebag , loser, faggot

  1. A penis that is wider then the Length

Synonyms: nub, nob, clump, stump, satchel
“I heard that David M. l has and is a little chode both physically and figuratively”
2. Individual who often has the IQ of a below average human and will seek constant recognition for what they perceive as hyper-intelligent perspectives on common topics of debate, which will only be seen by others as verification of their idiocy and often elicits pity from those who witness these outcries from the individual.
3. a socially-impaired individual, particularly afraid of approaching and engaging in conversation with women he’s attracted by; a wimp, wussy, lovable loser, chump, man lacking personality and social skills, very attached to the outcome of a pick-up attempt.(, Definition: chode),

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