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Baltimore is a post apocalyptic hell hole. Results of ultra liberal, public spending insanity. Mayor should be run out of town.

The only place that has more corrupt politicians and cops is probably Chicago…. the other insanely dangerous city in America. What a coincidence.



President Donald Trump’s comments about conditions in parts of Baltimore are largely true. Pictured: On Feb. 3, 2018, abandoned buildings punctuate a Baltimore neighborhood with a high murder rate. (Photo: Spencer Platt/Staff/Getty Images)


People continue to flee the city of Baltimore and it’s no great mystery of why the exodus is occurring. Years of rising crime rates, racial unrest, and riots, a fanatical black Democrat mayor who has taken activism to new levels and a high taxes have turned one of the nation’s historic sites into an increasingly nasty place that could be appropriately be called a shithole.

If you’ve ever watched the HBO series “The Wire” which is set in Baltimore, the hellish version of a failing, drug and corruption-ridden dystopia isn’t that far from reality and the decay has accelerated under the tenure of Mayor Catherine Pugh who is more interested in tearing down Confederate monuments, spending taxpayer dollars to bus students to anti-Trump rallies and paying for the legal defense of illegal aliens than doing something to address the horrific crime rate.

Baltimore had its highest homicide rate ever in 2017 and could easily threaten that record this year thanks to the misplaced priorities of elected officials. Since Pugh runs the city like she rules over a despotic banana republic, residents are voting with their feet and getting the hell out.

With the U.S. Census Bureau reporting yet another year of population loss for the city, it doesn’t take an investigator to determine the causes.

The city’s scary record of 343 homicides in 2017 affirms the city’s well-known reputation as a dangerous place to live. Even if 2018 has fewer homicides, it doesn’t take a fortune teller to predict that this year’s homicide rate will be high. Until the city substantially reduces its homicide and other crimes rates, people will continue to view the city as dangerous and be reluctant to stay or move here.

The city’s outrageous property tax of $2.248 per $100 of a property’s assessed value is more than double of its surrounding jurisdictions: Baltimore County, $1.10, and Anne Arundel 90.7 cents. The city’s burdensome property tax on homeowners explains why the city has more renters than homeowners. The city’s high income tax is 3.2 percent, the maximum allowed by law. Baltimore County’s is 2.83 and Anna Arundel’s is 2.56. The city’s tax message is clear: Move here and pay higher taxes. People have figured out how to avoid the city’s taxes and still enjoy the city. They live in surrounding counties and take reasonably priced ridesharing services into the city.

The article goes on to cite problems with the schools as well as the infrastructure but puts the blame right where it belongs:

The mayor and the large part-time City Council are fiscally irresponsible. They accepted a raise in December, even though the city faces major financial troubles. The mayor gets paid around $180,000, the city council president $119,000, the City Council vice president $77,000, and the 13 others each $69,000 — plus all have benefits and all have paid support staff. In 2007, the City Council passed a law that entitles elected officials to receive an automatic 2.5 percent raise if the city budget provides money for union employee raises. The elected officials’ automatic raises and the city’s declining population mean the cost of government increases on those taxpayers who remain in the city. The City Council should repeal the 2007 law and reduce its size because it cannot be immune to population decline.

Baltimore’s elections do not change the direction of the city. In the 2016 city general election, the mayor and the council members all promised change, yet the city is in the same or worse shape since the election. Because city government is controlled by one political party and elected officials have no term limits, voters have little options other than to vote with their feet. The City Council should enact term limits and hold nonpartisan elections.

Translation: corrupt, racist Democrat politicians turn everything that they touch to shit and it’s not only Baltimore. If you look at the cities with the highest crime rates in the country, you will find that they mostly are ruled by Democrats.

As long as Catherine Pugh and her crooked political machine are running Baltimore, they might as well just change its name to Shitholia.

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