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Minority Berkley students don't feel safe enough on campus to take their exams so they make INSANE demands! | This was the very 1st post that I ever made & what motivated me to continue blogging #WalkAway

What I would give for the opportunity to be teleported through space and time and plopped into that classroom as one of the students in there as this went down, to have had a chance to have been part off this insane student discourse/meltdown event.

-Video via the lovely Ashton Birde @ashtonbirdie

These kids can’t be serious. However these entitled inarticulate brats are DEAD serious. That girl can barely enunciate her words like an adult, she sounds like a 5th grade special ed kid with a speech impediment. She got into Berkeley? My God. She reminds me of the over opinionated feminist girl from my high school honors English class with the super low IQ and would constantly raise her hand to participate and lend her thoughtless, cringe-worthy thoughts & opinions on every freaking topic, to the shagrin of the teacher and the rest of the class. I used to raise my hand just to give the teacher an opportunity to not have to call on that dumbass yet again.

I don’t even want to speculate how this cringetard got into an elite school like Berkeley. I think we know how. It rhymes with Conservative Traction. I know Jerkeley is a peachy liberal arts institution, but admission is intensely competitive at all Cal schools, with Berkeley being at very top, with only Stanford & CIT(California Institute of Technology/Caltech) being harder schools to get into. Literally every high school senior in the state of California applies to Stanford & Berkeley. While Caltech is pretty much the MIT of the west coast. IMPOSSIBLE schools to get into.

I would have killed to get into Berkeley. Its beyond annoying to see idiots like this get into an elite program because they are a minority who might happen to play a sport(though doubtful in this case). Only to see them do this with the opportunity. Spitting directly into the faces of the administrators who shouldn’t have granted them admission in the first place.

This ungrateful squawking Berkley student and her cronies have the nerve to demand that the professor come up with a special take home version of the exam that was scheduled that day. An exam to be whipped up solely for the latino students! Why you say? They insist that they do not feel safe on campus due to the continued presence of a handful of right wing activists who have been peacefully protesting on school grounds the past week or so.

These hateful and entitled little monsters exclaim that, (I am paraphrasing):

[sic] For the sake of our mental and physical well being we cannot attend class to take the exam, as we did not get enough time to properly go through the material because there have been right-wing activists on campus for the past few weeks

HAAAA. This meltdown/set of demands is one of the dumbest, lamest, douchiest things I have ever seen attempted by snowflake, post-modern indoctrinated students, even for Berkeley’s standards. When the rants and demands of the deranged student body are too unreasonable even for Berkeley, then you know you have crossed the line and entered in the running for the biggest libtard of the year award.

It seems they had little issue safely making it to class in order to make these ridiculous demands. Since they’re already in the classroom, why can’t they take the test like everybody else? They then proceed to plead with the teacher and then decide to shift tactics and go on to shame and admonish their fellow students for not coming to their defense and for having the audacity to actually want to move forward and actually take the exam that they all studied for. Refusing to “heroically” rush to their aide and lend their support to their “brave” protest.

After they had laid out all their stupid demands, they decided that they weren’t even going to allow their classmates or the professor the opportunity to verbally respond at all to their asinine, privilege-drenched demands. Attesting that they [white people] “have said“, and “had” enough already throughout the course of modern history. The ringleader went as far to squawk that: “[sic]they[white people)] need to shut up, b/c they take up so much space “. LOL.

This video is a treasure, I can watch it over and over again. Though I don’t recommend doing that.

My favorite quotes:

Student: “White people shut up

Student: “You[whites], take up so much space

Professor: “I think you should let me finish, I let you finish

Student: “No, We’ve let you finish since…forever

On a side note, the blowback on YouTube that Ashton Birdie received from this video and others like it, is one of the more despicable things I’ve ever seen. Even her bitch-ass ex-boyfriend made a YouTube video slandering her, with one video titled: “Ashton Birdie: EXPOSED by her ex boyfriend“. I cannot stand people like that. The little chode was likely just butt hurt that she broke up with him and reacted exactly how you’d expect a privileged emo Californian snowflake clown to react. What is wrong with that generation? Keep your personal relationships private. Millennials require so much damn attention. It’s fucking pathetic. I was so off-put by that particular video that was put out by her ex that I might give him the skewer treatment in a later post. Should be a pretty easy one. What a tool. Nice hat and middle finger you little emo sad boy cuck-clown. Why don’t you go have yourself a blood drip session while rocking out to Lil Tracy while you put on your retro 50’s throwback yellow suit that came with that hat that your father begged you not to waste your money on.

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