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Bitter Dem Libertard Hag Terrorizing Trump Supporter, Audibly Assaulting All Passengers. !

One thing that stood out to me, besides the raging case of lefty intolerance, is how feeble and emasculated the husband is as he cowers in silent submission throughout her rampage.  Her tone wreaks of entitlement as she scolds the other passenger, then shifts her attack to the male flight attendant, shaming him for daring to attempt to reprimanded her for her attack on the other passenger.  I don’t feel a shred of pity for the husband as he surely knew the butch creature she was when he married her.  He likely perpetuated and contributed to the formation of this libertard predator that has no regard for the people around her as she annoyingly propogates her intolerance of any form of thought that’s not exactly like her own.

Additionally I couldn’t help but notice that his wife looks more his mother. She is a wretched old hag that looks 20 years his senior. He seems uncomfortable with the reality that this is the woman he is stuck with as he sits in his seat enduring this whole ordeal, not once attempting to calm her down to try to diffuse the situation. She probably beats him at home and he knew he would have been on the receiving end of a feminist whipping once they got home if he had tried silencing her freedom to squawk and hiss at those she disagrees with.

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    What is wrong with that husband? I mean he didn’t once even attempt to ask her to please stop since he must have known that they were about t get kicked off the flight. When the cops finally show up at the end and ask them to get off, then he finally tried to man up and ask to speak to whoever is in charge of the plane. They quickly shut him down and tell him to get the fuck out now. They are both prolly professors at liberal arts schools.

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