Despicable Democrats

Pack of 28 Cops Swarm Like Hyenas & Unload 137 Bullets Into UNARMED Suspects In East Cleveland!!! 137,..137?????!!!!

Mob mentality always brings out violence, and the worst in people. Apply that concept to 28, foaming at the mouth, adrenaline hyped Cops, and you end up with 2 unarmed suspects turned into swiss cheese via 137 bullets. None of them feel a shred of remorse and will tell you they deserved it and shouldn’t have run. So the penalty for fleeing is execution according to them. Let’s see if the D.A. has the balls to make an example of them and fire all 28 cops. Jeff Sessions would have to get involved to pressure something like that into happening.
The interview with the Sergeant is unreal.
[Police Unload 137 Bullets Into UNARMED Suspects In…]

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