Despicable Democrats

Sheriff caught on tape talking about how much he loves to kill people. NO JOKE.

*Note: I hate the “Young Turks”, a lot, but I do agree with them when it comes to anti-police sentiment and they regularly feature these kind of stories.
This is such a perfect example of the kinds of personality traits that makeup your common U.S. law enforcement officer. These officers carry around with them this predatory inhibition, constantly seeking out to impose their will to control and kill other living things. They are always throwing around the various means of control that a police offer is sanctioned to use, their favorite one being the use of force.
Now they can’t go around killing everything, or else they would lose their job, but boy to they hope and pray that today might be the day they will have the chance to kill someone. The chance to stratch that itch all the way. The ultimate professional satisfaction to the average lawman. Just being able to rough someone up barely quenches this daily thirst to be the harbinger of death. They need to go all the way, and this sheriff thought he saw the perfect opportunity to “get er done”, and finally feel fully satisfied from a days work. The satisfaction that comes with ordering a deputy to to make sure that he kills a suspect that was invlolved in a high speed chase, in order to avoid further damaging any of the towns police vehicles.
Afterwards, the deputy, who in this case appears to actually be a good guy, shows remorse and is clearly upset with the fact that he just took someones life. You don’t often see this kind of emotion in the aftermath of an incident like this from a cop, but its refreshing to see it here. The deputy is assured by the Sheriff that he doesn’t have to worry about anything, because it was his call to have the suspect taken out, evidenced further by the radio chatter, where you can clearly hear the Sheriff make the order to kill the suspect.
Fast forward 10 minutes later, and the Sheriff is caught on audio in his cruiser, boasting about how much he “loves this shit”, and enjoyed the high speed chance and subsequent murder of the individual who was fleeing from the police.

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