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Protests Erupt After Fraternity's Anti-Semitic Video Surfaces

It’s these beer guzzling, venison grilling assholes in some dumbass fraternity, a frat that probably made the pledges hold another dudes dick in an elephant walk as part of their initiation, these kind of people, that give the conservative party a bad name.  I have not learned enough about this incident yet, but I am sure the media is portraying them as right wing supporters.  Let’s be clear, this is extreme behavior.  I am tired of any kind of racist behavior from any semblence of an organized group being labeled as a representative of the right.  Fuck off.  This thing smells like a concoction of the left in all honestly.  I wish Syracuse would let the public see the video.  How dumb are the kids in this frat?  Don’t they realize how heavily the collegiate universe leans to the left, and how quick they are to expel students for speaking freely?

The Syracuse University chapter of the Theta Tau engineering fraternity was suspended on April 18 after a controversial video was released, sparking student protests against the fraternity on the same day.

University Chancellor Kent Syverud called the video “extremely racist, anti-Semitic, homophobic, sexist, and hostile to people with disabilities” in a statement released in a campus-wide email.

These videos show students marching across campus holding signs that read “Apathy is Complicity” and chanting phrases like “Theta Tau has got to go” and “Recognize us SU” as they headed to an event at the school’s chapel addressing issues of diversity on campus. Credit: Kennedy Rose of The Daily Orange via Storyful

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