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Diamond and Silk falsely accused of lying under oath during testimony before Congress by envious TRIGGERED Dems.

I think rep. Jefferies needed to go to his safe space considering how threatening 2 Republican black girls appeared to him and his party.

Democratic congressman definitely don’t like influential conservative figures in the media.  But they DESPISE  blacks who dare to deviate from the expectations liberals and progressives have of their loyalty to the Democratic party.

Congressman Jefferies, D-NY & Johnson, D-GA were seen foaming at the mouth with liberal rage, more or less calling Diamond & Silk “uncle Toms”, or I guess “aunt Tommies” in this case.  They might as well have been rocking back and forth like autistic children, repeating the phrase “house ni****s” over and over again in their heads as Diamond & Silk were speaking in front of The House of Representatives.

I think they needed to flee into their respective safe spaces.  A space free from the imminent threat that two Republican African American girls posed to themselves, their skewed ideology, and the political party they have been so devoutly loyal to.

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