Despicable Democrats – Cook County Jail detainees applaud CPD commander’s alleged killer

I’d be lying if I said I thought it was disgusting that the inmates would give applause to the alleged cop killer was led down the hall in front of everyone.  Unfortunately most of the time the cops that get killed turn out to be good standing cops with families that are nothing like their crooked, blood lusting counterparts.
I’m sure one or more of the innmates in that were in there had been done dirty by the police at some point or another.  They may have even had a brother or cousin that died at the hands of a trigger happy cop under very questionable circumstances.  I’m sorry, but there are simply far too many cops out there with that predatory instinct within them when their out on the beat.  They are far too willing and happy to unload their service weapon on a suspect for what turns out to be a very questionable action when it’s determined these suspects were both unarmed and non threatening.
However, lately I have been pleasantly surprised as to the number of officers that are being charged by the D.A. for hardcore charges like 1st and 2nd degree murder for many of these acts.  In the past they would get away with some sort of “internal” punishment, and maybe lose their job, but would never have to face real criminal consequences for their actions.<br><a href=”″></a>

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