Corrupt Cops, Pig, Powertrip, Useless Police

Police Corruption at its Finest. Insane to watch these cops literally chase people away when trying to file a complaint.

Surprise surprise. Police officers using intimidation and threat of force and/or imprisonment when a civilian presses the issue and tries following through with submitting a complaint against an officer.

We’re not talking about 1 or 2 police departments that had a bad apple and are giving the police a bad name. We are talking about 35 out of the 38 departments that were audited exhibited all kinds of grotesque intimidation tactics. 35/38!!!!! These cops chased the reporters out of the building, barked at them to cough up their ID’s, and threatened them with arrest as they tried to leave. This is nauseating. Imagine just how prevalent this all is throughout the country. Thank god we have so much portable video recording equipment in the hands of citizens this day and age, so we can have a chance to protect ourselves from these pigs.

All the commanding officers acted so shocked and dismayed to hear about this behavior, and vowed to conduct a thorough internal review and make corrective action. Isn’t it so reassuring to know that the police will make sure to investigate themselves and for us not to worry about how they go about preventing this kind of misconduct in the future. Frankly, no one believes that you’re sorry, or that you will put in place any kind of measures to stop future abuses of the badge. They are sorry this time that they got caught, and are embarrassed that is was caught on video, but that’s all. Instead of changing their attitudes, I am sure they are plotting how to get some kind of revenge on the news reporters responsible for this story. FUCKING PIGS.

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