ANTIFA, Censorship, D.O.J. Corruption, False Flag, Vegas Shooting

Vegas Shooting Carried Out By Up To 5 Anti-Trump Socialist & ISIS Tied Cells. F.B.I. Leaks via Anonymous.

It should nearly be common knowledge by now that many of federal agents investigating the shooting were told not to divulge any of the evidence they uncovered pointing to multiple shooters. The amount of footage that exists showing muzzle flashes from a helicopter and from multiple other locations at the Mandalay Bay is staggering and disturbing.[arve url=”″ /]
We should all expect that our Federal government is going to suppress tnr truth about what actually happens when a terror act is commited on U.S. soil. I can see the need to do this in certain instances. But they seem to also be involved with these terror acts in the first place. This is what disturbs me most.
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