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INFURIATING!: Nearly All Berkley College Kids Hate America. But Respond Positively to ISIS Flag



By. Paco Mack the Rational 
T.his story makes me wanna curb stomp each and every kid and teacher on that campus, just like in American History X.  I hate these American-hating fuckers with the same intensity level that Ed Norton’s character in the movie hated blacks.  Except I’m not a racist Nazi, and my disgust comes from a place of reason.
No country has provided as much opportunity, personal liberty, and quality of life as the United States.  Nothing in human history even remotely compares.  Despite such luxuries, these over privileged brats have the nerve to loathe and slander the very country providing them with the sustenance and freedom that they clearly do not deserve.
These little assholes have never had to sacrifice a thing to win the freedoms and luxuries that we enjoy as a result of our ambitious revolutionary forefathers, grateful, hard working, entrepreneurial-minded immigrant ancestors, and hard nosed U.S. soldiers who served on the front lines of every major war since the American Revolution.  I’m certainly not claiming that I’ve ever made any of these sacrifices, but damn,  Show some fucken respect.
I wish there was some way to pull the rug out from under these kids and forcibly deport them or charge them with treason.  But we can’t.  You know why?  They’re protected by the Bill of Rights.  Their freedom of speech is protected and provided for by the very country they are bashing.
These little chodes go around waving the communist flag with black masks on college campuses while blindly endorsing communist & socialist agendas without any real understanding of what any of these ideologies represent.
So I have a good idea.  Why not officially sanction part of the left coast as its own sovereign communist city-state?  Completely amputated from the United States.  We could allocate to them a portion of the economies in California, Washington and Oregon, and then just wipe off our hands and step aside forever.  A good chunk of California’s economy should provide plenty for them to live off of and carry out their communist utopia.
We could watch them enjoy the initial bliss of their sovereignty, then just sit back and watch the fireworks display.  They would slowly turn on their fellow “comrades”.  Certain leaders would begin to siphon off and hoarde away the resources of the regime as they begin to realize how deeply flawed communist ideology is when actually deployed in thre real world.  Lessons they could have easily learned from a little failed experiment called the Soviet Union.
This hippie experiment would inevitably end in a large scale brutal civil war.  When the smoke was cleared, a huge chunk of them would be dead with the remaining population so humbled by the experience they would never be a problem again.  We could effectively physically eliminate all these progressive idiots in one fail swoop.  I would soooooo sooo enjoy watching something like this.
Yes.  I want to watch them die.  I want to sit in the front row of the guerrilla-style civil war that inevitably breaks out.  That’s how deep my hate is for unappreciative, unpatriotic fascist-minded brats.  That’s how deep my hate is for people who can’t see how incredibly lucky they are to be living in this country, in this economy, in this day and age.  Being a human being born into modern America is the equivalent of hitting the lottery when it comes to the creation of life on earth over the span of all known existence on this planet.
These professors should be ashamed of themselves.  College kids are very impressionable and many will grow out of these assinine ideologies, but some won’t.  And that small group that carries this dangerous communist/socialist pathogen while continuing and perpetuating this lunacy, is only getting bigger and bolder and it’s getting scary.
I beg all future potential employers out there to please, please, punish this particular generation and do not hire these assholes into the work force.  They don’t deserve to become a part of the society and capitalist-fueled economy that they disapprove of so vigorously.
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