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Transgender Ideology Is Both Physical & Psychological Abuse via Sterilization, Mutilation & Castration

DUMMY BOY JUSTIN TRUDEAU WILL FORCIBLY REMOVE YOUR CHILD FROM THE HOME IF YOU DON'T ADMINISTER GENDER THERAPY HORMONAL TREATMENTS.[arve url="https://thecopsarepigs.files.wordpress.com/2018/06/fab45bd035f2a6070d827001b6ed971b.mp4" aspect ratio="3:5" /]
In Canada you can be arrested and have your toddler child taken from you for refusing to go along with "gender therapy" treatments for your childs gender dysphoria.  We have officially entered "The Twighlight Zone".
To administer These kinds of drastic treatments at such an early age causes so much devastating and drastic changes to the developing body that it can be viewed as nothing but an extreme form of child abuse. 
Take Take transgender activist Jazz Jennings for example. She has been undergoing hormone treatments since a very young age so she can keep her feminine appearance.  However now that she is old enough to consider getting a full out sex change operation the doctors have now realized that she does not physically have enough skin on her genitalia to actually be able to successfully carry out the operation.  If they had just held off on all the treatments until she reached an age past puberty then she would have had no issue undergoing the surgery.  This period of inaction as far as gender therapy treatments is important to allow the individual time to change their mind before it becomes impossible to do so.
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