Trump Gaining Popularity From Enforcing Immigration Policies

As the country drudges through the controversy over the federal governments enforcement of immigration policy, Trumps' popularity is only continually rising.  What does this tell us?  The left-winged media would have you believe that Trump is an evil troll who wanders through the countryside and throws latino children into cages for his own sadistic pleasure.  However it seems like most of the country is able to see through the skewed narrative presented by the media and see's the neccessity for the U.S. to properly enforce immigration laws.
Despite what the media will have you believe, most of the country seems to see the need for our current immigration policies.  People cannot voice these opinions publicaly however for fear of being shamed and berated by the screaming, hissing voices of the far left.  This is the exact reason that no one was able to predict Trumps victory in the presidential election.  And it seems to be happening again and again as the voices from the left continue to use these same old tactics that clearly do not serve their cause very effectively.  People will side with reason when they are alone in that voting booth casting their ballot.  So keep it up, it is only strengthening the Republican party.
Now, there are are certainly some uncomfortable secondary effects of enforcing these laws and no one is trying to be cruel to children unnceccisarily.  Separating children from the adults accompanying them crossing the border illegally is a neccessary practice has been in force since the Obama administration and a 2016 court ruling.  Many people failt to take into account the fact that children are routinely smuggled accross the border for sex trafficking and their identification is fraudulently represented to impersonate non-existant family relations.
If we decide to relent on enforcing illegal immigration into the Untied States we will easily have a crisis on our hands like is being seen in so many European countries.  Nations that have foolishly allowed for mass influxes of asylum seekers from various middle eastern and north african countries.  Sweden has essentially destroyed its own once peaceful nation.  It now deals with mass poverty, mass rape, and intense public unrest from rampant islamic radicalism that has spurned acts of terror and violence.
This is what happens when progressive liberals run the show.  You might as well just set the country on fire if you decide to relent on prosecuting illegal border crossings.  The 2,000 children that are currently being held in temporary holding cells will ballon into 200,000 if all of Latin America finds out that the liberals have finally gotten their way and allowed migration into the U.S. to become a free for all.

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