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Whoopi Throws Jeanine Pirro Off The View


Who names their child Whoopi? What a dumb dumb useless low IQ, Adrenochrome-junkie, rapist apologist shill Whoopi Goldberg is. The only comeback they have is to cite one meaningless encounter Trump had with somebody in the crowd at one of his rallies and told others in the crowd to “rough him up”. That’s seriously what they use for grounds for impeachment and how they attempt to deflect the glaring Acts of violence committed by left wing groups like ANTIFA?

This was not just a moment highlighting just how unhinged these Trump Deranged celebrities are, but also just how pathetic & weak the anti-Trump narrative is to begin with. When Whoopie tries to have her “mic-drop” moment & provide her compelling outline of justifications for her incredibly deranged position, all she’s got is,

[sic]You know what I have a problem with, when the president tells his followers to beat the heck out of someone….

Whoopie Goldberg right before throwing Jeanine Pirro off set

Its weak and downright pathetic that that’s the best she’s got. If her rebuke came across as a big “nothing-burger” that’s because that’s exactly what Trump Derangement is based upon, nothing. Could you imagine someone like Candace Owen’s being in that position after some Democrat pundit challenged her to explain why the left is so terrible, she would end up shaking the world with a laundry list of detailed and actual, evidence-saturated lines of reasoning & justifications for her position. Whoopi had none of that.


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