Biased Left Media, Censorship, Middle Eastern Culture Clash

Tommy Robinson Was Right


I am so very grateful that we’re faced with only Latino immigrants in America, not these brutally savage Islamic extremists that have overrun Europe.

SWEDEN HAS FALLEN.  Poisonous, hateful and destructive Muslim culture is the new norm in Sweden. Syrian, Sudanese, Afghani and countless other refugee producing countries in the Middle East will continue on producing these refuges until someone in Europe stops them. 

While the impoverished circumstances that our migrants faced in their home countries makes them more prone to crime, they at least still share our Western values as a culture and the responsible ones are able to peacefully integrate into our society.   These Muslims want to take over all the territory in Europe in which they migrate to.   Replacing civility and Western Democratic structures with Sharia Law and Muslim cultural supremacy.

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