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Remember just how vile lefty politicians & activists treated Kanye for going “MAGA”: Kanye West Getting “Lied-On” HARD by The Spiteful Libby Press

That’s the reason why the world won’t let me go, cause I’m a family member,” West said. “They might disagree with me on certain s**t, but I’m they family. I been here for 15 years, 18 years.

Ever since Kanye West betrayed the left, his self-proclaimed black overlords, like super-corrupt California Congresswoman Maxine Waters, have been telling him to sit down and shut up. His comments have also triggered outright predatory personal attacks on he, his family and his faith.

But hey, when the whole world has supposedly turned on you like the mainstream media seems to be claiming, then you would expect all the headlines to trash you.  After all, the news media is a reflection of the moods of its respective populace, right?

Well, not so much.  While the savagery of the headlines in the news media would have you believe that the entirety of the United States of America is up in arms over Kanye West and his recent remarks on TMZ.   His latest album is absolutely “blowing-the-fuck-up”.

It looks like the people have forgiven Kanye and taken his comments for what they were.  A momentary “Yeezy” outburst.  Rants like these and other eccentric behavior that he has been known for since forever.  This guy is way too good at making music to be shelved and dismissed from his celebrity status as quickly as liberals would like him to be.

All 7 songs on his latest album have hit the Billboard top 40.  I repeat the entire 7 songs on his album immediately rocketed to the Billboard top 40.  That’s INSANE!

So the headline above is the reality of his latest albums success.  However we still see headlines like this:

When the Good Music lsn’t Good: The Sad, Crappy Demise of Kanye West’s Maximalism:


“Good Music” is the name of Kanye’s record label in case you don’t follow the record industry.   The press is supposedly the “voice of the people”, right?  That’s something an idiot journalist like Jim Acosta would say.

So while his latest album has arguably shown record breaking Billboard success.  Some editors within the mainstream press are putting out headlines like that. Really guys and girls?  Clean it up.

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