One Of The Cooler UFO Clips I’ve Seen

They’re saying its just lense flare from the headlights. I don’t believe anyone anymore.

The video shows a bright object tilted on its side during a thunderstorm on the Saturday night.

Police captioned it saying: ‘After reviewing CCTV at town beach of last night’s storm, it appears we are not alone.’

The round illuminated object appears in the corner of the screen as lightning strikes.

It hovers in the sky during the storm before disappearing into the distance just seconds later.

Twitter users have been trying to come up with possible explanations, with some saying it is probably just the reflection of a car’s headlights on the camera at the beach.

‘Not sure if it’s area 51 replica vehicle or an intergalatic vehicle. Insane footage!’ one Twitter user said.

Another asked: ‘A nice bit of video! How does this optical illusion occur? Refraction, reflection, ionosphere?’.

Another commented:’You know it’s just light refraction from the reversing 4WD right?’

CCTV footage shows the UFO in the distance. It appears in the left corner as lightning strikes

The round illuminating object hovers back and forth in the air for a couple of seconds during the storm

The UFO than disappears into the distance. Police have said it could possibly have been the headlights of a car

Aliens in OZ: The five most bizarre UFO sightings in Australia

1. In 1966, over 300 school students and teachers at Westall High School in Melbourne said they saw a UFO flying in the sky before it disappeared behind some trees.

2. In 1966, a farmer claims he saw a UFO when he was riding his tractor. He said an hour prior to his sighting, his dog had been acting very strange.

3. In 1978, the disappearance of Pilot Frederick Valentich led to questioning whether UFO’s exist. He departed Moorabbin in Victoria and was planning to fly to King Island. Frederick reported something flying over him: ‘It seems to be playing some sort of game. He’s flying over me.’

4. In 1988, the Knowles family were driving through outback South Australia and claimed there was a UFO flying above them for 90 minutes before landing on the roof of the car and pulling them into the air.

5. In 1993, Kelly Cahill was driving home in Melbourne and claims she saw a beam of lights hovering ahead of her. She than said when she woke she had lost an hour of time.


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