Despicable Democrats

Candace Owens Is My Hero. Easily The Best Pundit In The Nation

Ms. Owen’s does a spectacular job giving the 2 speakers and Congressmen exactly what they deserve. A complete dressing down and dismantling of the two speakers, the committee chair, and the entire Democrat party and their 2020 campaign strategy.

Democrats can’t use their same old tricks on Candace Owens. I would have thought they would send out much more articulate and capable guest speakers other than the two low IQ shills they brought in to face the defending heavyweight champion of the world of pundits. Candace made absolute minced meat out of them.

I also love how she clearly got to the chairman, causing him to become visibly flustered, interrupting her mid sentence to defend himself. You don’t see that too often in congressional hearings. At least not in response to a witness. She just has that effect on people.

She is so damn persuasive, and always armed with indisputable facts and statistics that she keeps locked and loaded on her person at all times. Ready and willing to explode upon the false data and false characterizations always made by leftist shills like these.

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