Despicable Democrats, Trump Derangement, Trump Derangement Syndrome

YouTubers Unilaterally DESTROY Dems For Outbursts During The State Of The Union & Overall Abhorrent Recent Behavior

USHERED OUT: Person yells at the President and is ushered out while Dems cheer him on.

I’ve been saying this since right after the election and I will continue to say this. We want them to keep this up. In fact, I would go as far as to say that us Conservatives should be egging them on and encouraging them to react and show everyone their true colors. While the lovely Ashton Birdie once said towards angry liberals throwing a tantrum inside a Berkely classroom: “keep your craziness to yourself”. I on the other hand would encourage the exact opposite from radical progressives(who are the new liberals). I want them to tell me and the rest of the world how they truly feel.

It wasn’t so much the clip itself that was so startling, but the string of comments from the YouTube community. They were nearly ALL digs at the Dems & their recent behavior.

If liberal politicians and their constituents suddenly start acting like reasonable human beings, it could give enough moderate Americans an excuse to NOT vote for Trump. We want to keep those potential “hesitant and begrudging ” Trump-voting Democrats in a situation where they find themselves with no choice but to betray their partisan loyalties and pull the lever for Trump. Something they would do out of neccesity, since the Democrat alternatives are so unappealing in so many different ways. This is what happened in the last election and that was before Democrats went completely bat-shit crazy. Whether they are the coach of a high School women’s basketball team. Or a social worker in the inner cities watching communities being ravaged by zero enforcement of immigration laws and the encouragement of homeless encampments that have become catastrophes in places like San Francisco and Los Angeles. Many people can simply no longer tolerate the bizzare and outrageous policy stances of today’s Democrat leadership and their constituency.

We don’t need voters to keep desperately clinging to some kind of hope that the Democrats will go back to being normal, moderate politicians. We want all that hope to be quashed. Thankfully, there doesn’t appear to be any Presidential candidates out there on the left who are willing to give them this hope.

Time and time again we see disgusting outbursts like this coupled with childish behavior and obvious feelings of entitlement to their positions of power, especially from many of the veteran politicians we see so vocal in their vitriol towards the President. Pelosi, Nadler and Schiff round of the top of that list.

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