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Kim Fox & Jussie Smollett Are In A Whole Lot Of Trouble As Chicago Press Goes HARD Against The Duo.

Despite how I feel about the over-reaching nature of our criminal justice system, I have zero issue here with the government using it’s authority to indict Smollett and discipline Fox. It is more than necessary that these two individuals are held criminally accountable for what transpired here.

If Jussie had gotten away with his master plan he would be reaping the benefits from a book publishing deal and tour that he would certainly be in the middle of at this very moment. This would have been followed up with some kind of TV deal, where he would have gone on to spend the rest of his adult life reflecting on this harrowing encounter and sopping up every drop of adoration and praise bestowed to victims of social and racial discrimination and marginalization.

Not so fast Jussie! Instead of all that, your getting a batch of Felony indictments. Eat shit Jussie. Your not the gay 2pac. There might be someone out there worthy of the title of “gay Tupac” you’re not it. It should be noted that ironically, it was Kim Fox’s actions of dropping the charges so abruptly that triggered the follow up investigation and subsequent indictments. The very act that Jussie believed had allowed him to get away with everything at first, will end up being the total downfall of them both. Very rarely do we get such a satisfying result after such a extreme miscarriage of justice initially.

Jussie Smollett and the state attorney who dropped his charges are in big trouble with the special prosecutor

by Eddie Scarry | February 11, 2020 09:19 PM

This day was inevitable, and now, it’s here: Middling actor Jussie Smollett has been charged again with multiple counts of disorderly conduct as it pertains to having allegedly faked a hate crime last year.

But the story gets better. The Cook County state attorney, Kim Foxx, who dropped the initial charges against Smollett, looks like she might be just as screwed as Smollett.

Dan Webb, the special prosecutor appointed in August 2019 to look into the complete miscarriage of justice that apparently took place here, said in a statement Tuesday that Smollett will face new charges and that he’s continuing to look into how Foxx handled the case.

Regarding Smollett, Webb said a grand jury has found that he “planned and participated in a staged hate crime attack, and thereafter made numerous false statements to Chicago Police Department officers on multiple occasions, reporting a heinous hate crime that he, in fact, knew had not occurred.”

Smollett is facing a six-count indictment and is scheduled to appear in court on Feb. 24.

As for Foxx, the statement from Webb makes clear that she has not been accused of wrongdoing but that her office was unable to provide documentary information that would back up her decision to drop the charges against Smollett.

Foxx had said last year that her office would decline to pursue the charges, despite Chicago police believing they had an ironclad case against the actor, and instead only ask that Smollett forfeit his $10,000 bond and do a few hours of community service. Foxx had said that this was a decision in line with similar cases in the past.

Webb said Foxx gave him nothing to substantiate that claim.

Fox “has been unable to provide the [special prosecutor] with documentary evidence that shows that, in dismissing the Smollett case on the terms presented in court on March 26, 2019, the [state attorney] relied on other dispositions of similar cases prior to the Smollett case that would justify this disposition,” the statement said. “This issue was important to the [special prosecutor] because on the day the Smollett case was resolved in court, March 26, 2019, the [state attorney] issued a written press release in which it told the public that the Smollett case was being resolved under the same criteria that would be available for any defendant with similar circumstances.”

This is really, really not good for Jussie Smollett. It’s not any better for Kim Foxx.

Jussie Smollett is probably toast now that Google is handing his data to the special prosecutor

by Eddie Scarry | January 14, 2020 12:56 PM

Actor Jussie Smollett, aka “the gay Tupac,” almost certainly lied about the assault he claims he experienced last year. A new order from a judge in Chicago will likely prove it once and for all.

Cook County Judge Michael Toomin, who appointed a special prosecutor to look into the case, is requiring Google to turn over a year’s worth of Smollett’s emails, location data, and messages. He’s also ordered the same for Smollett’s manager, a witness to the alleged hate crime, wherein Smollett says he was jumped early one morning by two men who confronted him with racist, anti-gay, and pro-Trump comments before beating him.

The Chicago Tribune reported last week that the court orders include that Google hand over “drafted and deleted messages; any files in their Google Drive cloud storage services; any Google Voice texts, calls and contacts; search and web browsing history.”

That’s a lot of data. A lot.

Chicago police last year already believed that they had nailed down a timeline proving Smollett was lying about the attack and that he had staged it himself in conjunction with two acquaintances. A grand jury agreed with the police, slapping Smollett with a dozen charges.

But if police were so confident by simply using Smollett’s highly redacted phone records, surveillance footage, and the confessions of the two brothers, imagine what this new treasure trove of information will offer.

Google location data is alarmingly specific, and it’s recorded minute by minute. That is, unless Smollett turned off location services on his mobile devices. And even then, there are times that Google is still monitoring and recording.

Even without that information, though, there’s endless information to be learned from Google searches Smollett conducted, websites he visited, and any messages he might have sent around the time of the incident.

Smollett still says he’s innocent. We’ll see.

The only reason there’s a special prosecutor looking into his case is because the Cook County prosecutor abruptly determined that it wasn’t pursuing it, despite the overwhelming evidence that Smollett had faked a hate crime.

The special prosecutor appointment was bad news for Smollett. And this new court order is really bad news him. Google it.

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