#WalkAway, Agree With Me Or Else, TranSanity

Here Is A Female, From The Left, Who’s A Lesbian, Saying What No One Else Has The Guts To Say Regarding All The Trans-Teens Wanting To De-Transition


We have reached a point where even psychiatric physicians whom are specialists in this field are unable to diagnose their patients properly, or publicly state their concerns about hospital policies without being chastised within their profession and shamed publicly by activists who know nothing about medicine. Yes we have radical activists shouting down medical professionals for their professional opinions, all in the name of and in pursuit of social justice. A pursuit that I honestly question in that if they were able to achieve this Theoretical Justice they would no longer be in the coveted position of the victim. Hence why nothing is ever good enough for the radical progressive left.

That’s how bad things have gotten. This YouTuber was just as staggered as I was when learning that 36 doctors had quit the practice at London’s “Youth Transition Center” in protest to their blatantly reckless practice of forcing treatment down the throats of children. Minors who’s physician did not think qualified for a gender reassignment. This video is one of the more important things to watch and be aware of in quite a while.

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