OUCH! Senator Ted Cruz Goes Scorched Earth On Congresswoman OAC

by DCWhispers | Feb 29, 2020 | DC Whispers

As predictable as a broken clock, first-term congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was quick to denounce President Trump’s decision to put Vice-President Mike Pence, a former governor mind you, in charge of overseeing the federal response to the still-minimal coronavirus threat here in the United States.

Senator Ted Cruz was just as quick to then dismiss OAC’s ludicrous complaint and remind the world why she should be the last one to pass judgement on the intelligence of others:

OAC, a former bartender, then attempted to push back against Senator Cruz with this remark:

“Sen. Cruz, while I understand you judge people’s intelligence by the lowest income they’ve had, I hold awards from MIT Lincoln Lab &others for accomplishments in microbiology.”

And what exactly is Ms. Ocasio-Cortez referring to with that comment?

She won second place at a high school science fair.

Yes, you read that right. A high school science fair project.

As soon as that information became more widely known, OAC was on the receiving end of some much-deserved ridicule, starting with Senator Cruz:

“Btw, congrats on the science fair.”

Some rushed in to defend/protect Congresswoman OAC with comments like this:

“Mocking girls getting involved in science and working their way to the halls of Congress cool cool cool cool awesome look great job”

Far more then pushed back with the fact that OAC attempted to portray herself as a science expert based on winning second place for her high school science fair project:

“Would be horrible if he did that but it’s not what he did. He mocked a woman passing herself off as a science expert bcos of her high school science fair project.”

What followed then was even more people reminding everyone else why OAC should not be passing intelligence judgement on others given her own now-countless examples of being “intelligence-challenged” :

It should be noted that OAC never did indicate to Senator Cruz that she understood what a Y chromosome is.

And the beat goes on…

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