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This Is What It Looks Like When A Famous Singer Gives an Ode To Themselves And Says Goodbye To Their Fans Shortly Before Being Executed For Satanic-Homicidal-Paedo Child-Murder

This stuff will forever haunt me. I know I shouldn’t be making jokes about any of this stuff but that Celine Dion compilation/ode she gave to herself, trolling us by throwing in a picture of her with blatant demon horns jetting out the top of her head, was pretty funny in a very dark way. But hey, we have to make light of all this. I’m going to have to make a video where I feature little snippets of that melodic dramatic vocal fluctuation that she freestyles with in the Titanic theme song. It will become the trademark of pending doom for celebs.


  1. Christina Pansy

    I thought Celine’s face had greatly aged suddenly, probably from adrenochrome withdrawal. Why, then, is she so young looking in this video?

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