List Of Banned YouTube Channels

HookedOnYourHoax, HookedOnTheHoax were the best YouTube channels ever. Please come back to another platform!

The very 1st thing I did was go to Bitchute, LBRY and DropSpace and try to rediscover as many of these users as I could. At least those users who hadn’t yet given up and are still trying to create content. Shout out to Kinninigan, Xtremerealitycheck, RogerInKC, & Megaliths.org to name a few of my favorite content providers who have been demonetized, shadow banned and/or outright kicked off entirely. To any of these users in the main list below who happen to be pedo-peddlers, FUCK-OFF! Your ruining the whole concept of free speech for the rest of us. It’s our duty to defend free most speech as heavily as we can but we can’t do this when we are in advertently enabling you mentally disabled fuckers.

  1. According to Joe
  2. Adamic Amethyst
  3. AmericanEveryman
  4. animal farm
  5. Anti-School
  6. aplaintruth
  7. Arthur Koestler
  8. ashtonbirdie
  9. Back to the Constitution
  10. Barry Soetoro
  11. Blackstone
  12. Bombard’s Body Language *
  13. Brave New World
  14. Charles Walton
  15. Charlton
  16. Colin Flaherty
  17. Crow777 *
  18. Darkness at Noon
  19. David Seaman
  20. Defango *
  21. Destroying the Illusion
  22. Dr. Jerome Corsi
  23. Dr. of Common Sense
  24. Dustin Nemos
  25. Edgy Sphinx
  26. Elliott Marxx
  27. Eric Dubay
  28. Factions of Freedom
  30. Free Radio Revolution Revived
  31. FromDeath2Life
  32. Gematrianator
  33. HowISeeTheWorld
  34. InTruthbyGrace
  35. Jake Morphonios
  36. Jay Myers
  37. Jim Marrs
  38. Joanne Steen
  39. Johnny Supertramp
  40. JYW420
  41. Kalika from “For the People”
  42. Kearn Kearsy
  43. Kevin K Johnston
  44. Kinningan
  45. Lawarewolf
  46. Liberty Columnist
  47. Mag Bitter Truth
  48. Matrix Breakout
  49. Max Malone
  50. McFly
  51. McSimonius
  52. mgtow is freedom
  53. Mlordandgod
  54. Murdoch Murdoch
  55. Operation Hal
  56. Peekay
  57. Peekay Boston
  58. Psyched Substance
  59. Redd Dog Truth
  60. Richie Allen Show
  61. RichieFromBoston*
  62. Ron Johnson
  63. Russian Vids
  64. Sargon of Akkad *
  65. The Black Child
  66. The Kepler Telescope Channel
  67. The Ochelli Effect
  68. The Paulstaul Service
  69. Titus Frost
  70. TruthmediaRevolution
  71. Urban Moving
  72. Victurus Libertas VL
  73. WAP tech
  74. Willy Myco

As soon as I saw this list, I immediately recognized many of these channels as superb content providers. The owners of these channels are undoubtedly free thinkers willing to push the boundary of what is known and question everything.

Some very interesting themes emerge. Apparently, these are the topics that the NWO manipulators would rather you didn’t think about (topics in bold, censored YouTube channels in parentheses):

– False Flag shootings, including False Flag Hoaxes (Free Radio Revolution Revived, Peekay, Peekay Boston, The Paulstaul Service)

– Flat Earth (Eric Dubai, aplaintruth)

– Nanotechnology/BioweaponsDirected Energy Weapons(aplaintruth)

– Gematria (Gematrianator) (Gematria is the art of assigning or decoding a system of numerical values to words in the belief that words with identical numerical values bear some relation to each other)

– Space fakery / Moon as a Hologram (Crow777 [whom I interviewed here], Russian vids)

– Various Aspects of the Global Conspiracy, e.g. ZionismGeopoliticsExtraterrestrials and the Hidden History of Humanity (Jim Marrs, Richie Allen show, MLordandGod, Destroying the Illusion)


– SatanismHollywoodPedophilia (Jay Myers, who process quality conspiracy analysis)[Many of these topics are covered on The Freedom Articles: here are some links for those that want to research them further:






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