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ONE OF MY FAVORITE DUMMY-LADIES: Rashida Tlaib Scorns Fed Chairman For Scoffing At Her Plea To Bailout Detroit

By. Jerry Derecha

The most astonishing part about all these theatrics and rude interviews she conducts on Capitol Hill is that she really does truly believe that she is an articulate and persuasive figure and that she is the smartest person in the room at all times. She really really thought that she just “mic-dropped” the witness by “strongly disagreeing” with him while shooting over a sour glare. That kind of behavior reminded me of a middle school student getting frustrated after having their argument rebuked during a mock trial for Social Studies class and resorts to childish outbursts. She is a current State Representative for the United States of America. So so scary.

It’s impressive in a way to see her this dedicated to this very misplaced moral superiority complex that all the members of “the squad” seem to suffer from. A complex that was born from years practicing their lack of skills on each other and flexing their inadequate intelligence levels within their own little post-modern safe space alongside other agreeable libtards. This is how their “out-of-touch pretentiousness” came to be in the first place. They’ve been autodidactic within this liberal echo-chamber of theirs and this helps to explain quite a bit when it comes to how they are able to operate through a lense that is this far removed from realistic legal and general precedent when they decide to publicly put their derangement on display as they confidently present their arguments on the House floor. They just don’t get it. They can’t see that it’s “shit like this” that got Trump elected in the first place, and will get him re-elected in November. “Take it to the bank” as House Speaker Pelosi says. Trump will continue to be our answer to the Rashida Tlaibs of the world until they[Democrats] clean up their act.

On a side note I think it’s unfortunate Rashida Tlaib wastes so much of her time in House sessions on BS like this. I actually agree with her when it comes to her stance on Israel’s abusive policies towards the Palestinian population, as well as Israel’s constant interference with American politics though their bankrolling of so many prominent politicians.

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