#WalkAway, Despicable Democrats

The Extent To Which Nadler, Schiff, Pelosi and all Dems are Willing to Misrepresent Reality Has Gone from Despicable to Downright Scary

Figured I would repost some of my favorite recent digs at the despicable conglomerate of Deep State clowns. You can clearly see I am no big fan of Schiff, Schumer or Pelosi. Originally posted on opening day of impeachment proceedings.

By me, Jerry Derecha/Paco Mack/Pasco Cruz | @adrenogate | adrenogate.net | original site: conservativesinhiding.wordpress.com (transferred to adrenogate)

The underlying theme we’ve seen in play from Dems thus far has been to flat out rewrite their own version of events as they go along to fit a strategic narrative. To do this they lie their faces off. We know politicans do this, but specialty lawyers and experts should in good conscious show much more restraint in peddling obviously partisan, special interest innuendo during an impeachment hearing, no matter their political affiliation. It is utterly disappointing to see the willingness of so many so called professionals to go along with a blatantly baseless crusade against the adversary of a major political party, and use the supposed merit of their professional credentials to do so. This menagerie of blockbuster witnesses for Dems has been made up of college professors, authors, and specialty lawyers who are more than willing to get out in front of the American people under penalty of perjury to shovel garbage theories for the left.

These bad actors have all gleefully and whole heartedly endorsed all of the frivolous claims being put forth by the Anti-Trump Narrative-Construing Duo(ATNCD)of longtime Trump adversary, Jerry Nadler, and serial-leaker/liar, Adam Schiff. An Adam Schiff who has been putting on what amounts to nothing more than a continuous tirade/hissy-fit over having bitterly lost-out on his dreams to be F.B.I. Director under then-assumed President-elect Hillary Clinton.

As I watch these proceedings live cannot help but be legitimately embarassed for Mr. Nadler as he continues to play snippets of testimony from his laughably partisan experts during Thursdays opening statement in the Senate. He’s officially humiliating himself in front of all the top lawyers in the country, and it’s awesome to watch.

Jerry Nadler presents a slide outlining their 3 charges of wrongdoing by President Trump, which are embarrassingly vague and mundane.

It should concern all Americans that Democrats are willing to bend, twist and re-shape the truth to such extraordinary degrees in their continued desperation to get rid of Trump and remove a sitting President from office.

Although the actions of all involved in this ruse are equally disconcerting, the sad truth is that we have come to expect this level of despicability from Jerry Nadler and Adam Schiff. What I find to be most harrowing is the depths to which these so-called professionals are willing to stoop down unto, in order to lend credibility to legal theories and accusations that have no reasonable merit. The credibility that all these left-leaning self-proclaimed experts may have once had, has now been all but eliminated. It’s been used up in a fruitless impeachment endeavor. I hope they were paid well.

I wouldn’t hurl such content towards these individuals if we were just talking about reinterpretations of convoluted legal theories that most Americans would never be able to decipher. That’s not what we have here. Instead we are presented with glaringly evident, and matter-of-fact, truths and untruths, rights or wrongs, and yes or no’s that are being molded into a blob of lies, partial truths, selectively leaked testimony, mischaracterized statements, and heavily biased professional opinions, designed to make something appear as Democrats would like it to appear. Devoid of any and all reasonable assessments of the available evidence or practical legal and real world interpretations.

If I have to hear Jerry Nadler proclaim one more time that President Trump is guilty of the tactivly bland and non descriptive charge of “abuse of power”, my eyeballs might get stuck at the top of my skull from rolling my eyes so hard.

During Jerry Nadlers repetitive and boring opening statement he is in the process of delivering in today’s Senate proceedings, he made this stupifying assertion,[verbatim]

“… the President can in fact be impeached for actions that are allowed, however in context of how they were used, are not allowed.”

Confusing, vague and contradictory statements like this are what comprise the bulk of this “overwhelming” cache of evidence that Democrats claim to be in possession of.

As I’m writing this, I just heard Jerry Nadler characterize the current defense strategies of Trump’s legal team as, “last ditch efforts”. That’s how far removed from reality all these Democrat politicians are. They truly believe that any attempted defense of Trump’s actions would be a waste of time for his defense team since the nature of his supposed guilt is so overwhelming according to them.

Guess what Jerry? The only thing that could possibly be construed as a “last ditch effort” is your current desperate plea on the Senate floor to be taken seriously. While you do get an “A for effort”, you will end up failing the course. Trump, will not only remain in office, but will certainly be reelected.

We(Conservatives)are all very grateful to you, Nancy Pelosi, and Adam Schiff for making this all possible by foolishly going forward with this impeachment. This will mark a historic moment history where the Democrat party hit its lowest point and subsequently was forced to clean house in a last ditch effort to improve the electability of the idiot’s still left stuck within the confines of their membership.

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