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Venezuela Continues its Catastrophic Collapse: Why Socialism is One of the Worst Ideologies in a Long Sad History of Bad Ideologies


One of my favorite things to watch is a Socialists facial expression change and contort when you bring up Venezuela.  Commies(e.g. ANTIFA leadership) seem to possess a kind of delusional self-awarded privilidge, giving themselves a pass on having to explain away the failure of the Venezuelan Socialist regime. This “license to ignore” is a universal trait amongst all Marxists.

They carry-on with this arrogance, still retrospectively aware of the history and current state of affairs in Venezuela, despite being the most recent modern example and also one of the most catastrophic overall examples of failed-Socialism in regards to the extent of the suffering it’s people have had to endure.

These very matter-of- fact, easily provable talking points lead most logical human beings to come to the conclusion that Socialism is an absolute nightmare and should never be implemented in any shape or form anywhere, ever.

You’d think that Nazi Germany, Bolshevik Russia, China and the recently failed Soviet Union and Venezuela would be plenty example enough for the world to have learned its lesson and unconditionally denounce the ideology. However, when you have greedy power hungry people who recognize a form of Marxism as the lucrative organized crime racket that it is, they take advantage of this and mask it as a new way of governance for the people, by the people. Which is a load of horse manure. The only people that benefit from Communism are the leaders who initially install the regime.  And the only people it attracts into its ranks as foot soldiers are total anarchist, freeloading scumbag-losers, like ANTIFA. Not a good situation.

This is why the recent Communist movement in America, hidden under the guise of “Democratic Socialism” is extraordinarily dangerous in so many ways. Even many of the leaders of the a** backwards Democrat party, who I loathe so much, recognize how terrible Socialism is, and in turn made sure to block Bernie Sanders from achieving the Democrat presidential nomination. It’s THAT bad of an idea/ideology.

* Noticed how I used the word “Democrat” presidential nomination and not Democratic? I know it may sound a little funny at first but there is nothing democratic about their party. The proper way to address that particular political party is the “Democrat” party not “Democratic”. 🙂

Venezuela Economy Continues Its Collapse Under Pressure of Socialism and COVID19 Pandemic | GATEWAY PUNDIT

By Elda Primera | Gateway Pundit | April 12, 2020 at 10:04pm

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic Venezuela is suffering from the most acute fuel shortage in years.

Although Venezuela sits on the largest oil reserves in the world, the country’s refineries produce less than 10% of their capacity without investment, maintenance, and difficulties in importing fuel.

The shortages prevent farmers from moving their crops to markets. That means tons of food are lost in a country where people are starving. 

Also, health personnel are forced to wait days in lines to be able to load fuel and travel to hospitals.In other words, fuel is essential for the health and food sector.

Meanwhile, Maduro´s officials and military use corrupt systems to collect dollars at the service stations.:

Likewise, the refineries are in a depleted condition that hinders their operation. An anonymous source told this Gateway Pundit reporter that due to the sanctions against the national oil company PDVSA. It is difficult to find the spare parts.

Internal sources also confirm that PDVSA’s Chinese partners have left the dictator Maduro after the EEUU threatened them.Since the coronavirus pandemic hit the country weeks ago shipments of gasoline components have not arrived to distribute to the Venezuela market.

Reuters says the United States has increased financial sanctions against the socialist tyrant, who still has control of PDVSA’s operations.

Fuel and Coronavirus in Socialism

As a result of the current crisis, tyrant Nicolas Maduro is taking advantage of the situationto block the democracy in the country.In Venezuela today due to the coronavirus  individual liberties to mobility are now being violated as well as freedom of information.

The dictator is busy maintaining control of the information.  The regime recently arrested three journalists and doctors for reporting on the pandemic. In numerous incidents they are forced to delete their material or go to jail.

Following the Chinese model, Maduro’s battle against the virus is waged more in newsrooms than in hospitals.

Elda Primera is a Venezuelan journalist in exile. She is a journalist covering the Venezuelan crisis. She was a television and radio reporter for 19 years in Venezuela before fleeing the country late last year. Currently, Elda continues to write about the Venezuelan conflict.  Elda is an expert on the dangers of socialism.  She is committed to freedom of expression and the restitution of democracy for a better world.

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