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“The Dragon Family rules both Trump and Cabal”: I’m not saying it’s true at all, I’m just putting this out there. Everyone should be heard-out

Wilcock will try to tell you they are peaceful. Kinninigan says to “NEVER trust a reptilian”. I don’t know what one could possibly do about this “one family” situation if it were true. It’s one thing for vicious highly evolved Reptoids to have a cultural tradition of brutally eating humans in twisted ceremonies. You can argue that we do that everyday here on earth to other animal species. On an industrial scale. But we don’t need other human beings adopting these traditions & practices, while accumulating an unreasonable amount of wealth through very subversive & deceptive techniques at the same time. Humans have been instutionalizing this depravity in the form of secret societies, spanning generations.

Enough of that.

If the all powerful Draconian “Dragon family” really is here with their multiple Olympic swimming pool-sized vaults of gold bullion, then that’s our reality and there’s not much that could be changed. However they need to ensure that humans never do anything like this again. The ritualistic rape, torture, murder and subsequent withdrawal of Adrenachrome from children or adult humans is blasphemy, capital offense in both the occult and mainstream justice systems.

I should advise you to be careful trusting everything you hear out of Wilcock. He does have some real sources and has and still will continue to drop good info, but I know he also likes to fill in the blanks with lies, embellish and also copyright infringe the crap out of other researchers. Linda Moulton Howe most notably. And his bro Corey Goode does not come across as believable in the slightest. The guy claimed to be involved in really advanced clandestine tech programs yet he’s not very articulate or intelligent seeming. He screams con-artist to me. At least Wilcock is smart and can write.

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  1. Christina Pansy

    Wilcock is FOS.

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