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Why celebrities keep winking with their tongue out | (WARNING!!) BEYONCE SHAPSHIFTS INTO HINDU GOD KALI & OTHER DEMONIC FORMS

They are either showing their affection for “Kali” or are literally under her direct possession. It’s a simple as that. There are obviously multiple layers of meaning behind everything in the occult world, but this is mainly out of admiration for Kali.


Uncanny: This Is Why Celebrities Keep Winking With Their Tongue Out (video)

by Cristian | Alien Star | 2020-04-16 17:30

As you probably know already, I’m not a religious guy, but I found this video on YouTube and I find it interesting enough to post it here and ask your opinion.

So. According to the Bible, the enemies of Jesus Christ wink and stick their tongue out.

If you want to go to the main source of this information, read Psalm 35: 19-21, as well as Isaiah 57: 3-4 of the Holy Scriptures.

Winking and sticking the tongue out is a gesture associated with demonic manifestations that take place when the body is possessed by the dark force.

These kind of gestures are becoming more and more frequent in our society, especially in Hollywood, where, accordingly, many celebrities have sold their souls to Satan in order to achieve fortune and fame.

Have a look at the following video which explains this strange manifestation and associates it with the Bible. Draw your own conclusions and please share your thoughts with us.


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