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Further confirmation that all Hollywood actors and actresses are comprised of the same small group of men and women(often gender inverts)who play the part of multiple actors/musicians. (e.g. Kristen Bell vs. Avril Lavigne, Matthew McConaughey vs. Owen Wilson). | There Are Actually Only 9 Men In Hollywood

I had previously watched a video similar in theme to this piece(which I will find and re-post shortly after this) about the actresses in Hollywood being compromised of the same small group of women who play the part of multiple actresses and musicians. (e.g. Kristen Bell vs. Avril Lavigne, Elle Fanning vs. Cara Delevigne). PREVIOUS POST ON ACTRESSES

BUZZFEED |Becky Barnicoat| Feb. 11, 2017

There are actually only 9 men in Hollywood

What is going on? by Becky Barnicoat,Natalya Lobanova🔥

1. There’s something weird going on with the men in Hollywood.

Anthony Harvey / Getty Images

This is allegedly James McAvoy AND Luke Evans. Allegedly.

2. Like, a lot of them are the same man??

This is supposedly Orlando Bloom and Luke Evans, but they don’t convincingly pass as separate human beings.

3. Maybe there’s a large cloning facility in the Hollywood Hills producing reliably compelling lead actors in gigantic spawning tanks.


Because, honestly, this can’t be nature’s work.

4. Do you think there’s actually just a shortage of men so they’re just using the same ones and hoping we won’t notice?

Jason Kempin / Valerie Macon / Getty Images / BuzzFeed

5. Or perhaps Hollywood simply only employs identical twins?

Gregg DeGuire / Munawar Hosain / Getty Images / BuzzFeed

6. Although triplets are acceptable too, clearly.

Frederick M. Brown / Jamie McCarthy / Getty Images / BuzzFeed

This is supposedly three different people, named Zac Efron, Chace Crawford, and Ian Somerhalder.

7. Or are they just trying to make shapeshifters but they’re not that advanced yet so they can only shapeshift ever so slightly?

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8. Whatever is going on though, they’re clearly doing a sloppy job of keeping it secret. They didn’t even bother giving these two different names!

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