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Library Quietly Removes Photos Of Children Lying On A Drag Queen At Story Time After Massive Backlash ⋆ Activist Mommyactivistmommy.com

Library Quietly Removes Photos Of Children Lying On A Drag Queen At Story Time After Massive Backlash ⋆ Activist


Warning: This post contains images that some readers may find upsetting.  Faces of minors have been blurred for their anonymity.

As “Drag Queen Story Hour” events continue to spread to libraries nationwide, so do reports of brazenly predatory behavior by men who enjoy dressing as women to read and play with little children.

This most recent example is no different. 

After a Drag Queen Story Hour event back in October at St. John’s Library in Portland, Oregon, the Multnomah County Library shared pictures of children playing with drag queen Anthony Hudson, aka  “Carla Rossi.”

Well, they might call it playing, but would you? 

Look for yourself.

“It’s only a storytime,” they say. “They’re just reading to children; it’s harmless,” they say.

Does that look harmless to you? Would you march your kids into that library and offer them up to some cross-dressing man who wants them to lay on him?! 

The disturbing photos first came to light when a Facebook user (whose name we will not publish for their own safety) posted the images, declaring, “I wouldn’t let my kids crawl on top of random strangers no matter how said strangers are dressed.”

After the Facebook post went viral, the library was called out last week in a righteously scathing report by LifeSite News

At the time of their report, LifeSite News pointed to the county library’s schedule of events from last fall, providing details for the event which invited children ages 2 to 6 to bring their “favorite adult” for “an hour of kid-friendly drag!”

Although the Multnomah County Library deleted the photos without a word, LifeSite News preserved the images in PDF format with a warning that the images depict “child abuse.”

That’s a pretty apt description if you ask us.

TheBlaze reached out to the Multnomah County Library for comments on LifeSite News’ assertions, especially that the photos were simply removed after the heat from public scrutiny. TheBlaze reported that Jeremy Graybill, the library’s marketing and online engagement director, responded with the following statement Tuesday evening:

Multnomah County Library offers a series of programs called Drag Queen Storytime. These events seek to explore ideas of difference, diversity and inclusion through stories, music and costume. The library serves a diverse population with a broad range of interests, preferences and needs. We strive to reflect our communities’ needs in selecting programs, books and other materials. 

We continually review existing policies to ensure that performers meet expectations to provide a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment for all. Presenters and performers are instructed to follow library behavior policies and rules of conduct that protect the interest and safety of presenters, volunteers, staff and library patrons. Parents and caregivers are present at every program.

The library will reflect on the feedback that members of the community have offered. We will consider the views and concerns expressed and work to ensure that Multnomah County Library holds itself to consistently high standards.

What a classic non-apology. Would the library have even said a word about the disgusting photos if a national media outlet like TheBlaze hadn’t asked them to? 

This is utter insanity but, saints, it is only a matter of time before something far worse takes place at one of these events. How do we know they haven’t already? We can’t just let them slither and slink away and continue to indoctrinate and groom impressionable children in a more private manner.

We need to take a stand. If a Drag Queen Story Hour is taking place in your local library, contact them and urge them to cancel, and encourage others to do the same.

Please sign our petition to send a message directly to the American Library Association and urge them to put an end to this hideously inappropriate and damaging attack on innocent children!

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