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A three panel DC Appeals Court Panel, Judge Henderson, Judge Wilkins and Judge Rao have ordered Michael Flynn’s Judge, Emett Sullivan, to respond to the defense petition for a writ of mandamus within ten days:

Sydney Powell tweets about it:

Flynn Appeal –

The mandamus will be heard by Judges Henderson, Wilkins, Rao.

Ordered that Judge Sullivan “file a response addressing [Flynn’s] request that this court order the district judge to grant the government’s motion to dismiss”

Also – “the govt is invited to respond”

Thread: Taking a cursory look at the judges assigned to General Flynn’s mandamus.

Here is some information on the three judges:

  • Henderson was first nominated by Reagan and voted against Nadler & the House being able to subpoena WH Counsel Don McGhan
  • Rao was nominated by Trump to replace Kavanaugh & also voted against House overreach against Trump
  • Wilkins was Obama appointee, Senate Rs filibuster failed

Here is an excellent thread with more information on all 3 judges:

Judge Henderson was a Deputy Attorney General in SC before coming to DC and is a fervent 2A supporter. She was appointed by Ronald Reagan to a district judgeship there and then was appointed by GHW Bush to DC appeals after Starr vacated. Judge Wilkins is an appointee of Barack Obama. He was a law clerk for a judge in CA, and then a prosecutor in DC. He’s famous for a case that brought national attention to racial profiling (he was a victim of it) and has been on the DC circuit since 2010 Judge Rao is a Trump Appointee who clerked in the Supreme Court for Clarence Thomas. She was an administrator in the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs for the Trump Administration before being confirmed as a judge on the DC appeals court. I haven’t read their decisions yet. But there’s some background. On Rao, Vox hates her so that’s a good sign.

Trump judge lays out an aggressive plan to protect Trump from congressional oversightRao’s opinions read like she’s acting as Trump’s personal protector.https://www.vox.com/2020/3/11/21173437/trump-judge-neomi-rao-mueller-grand-jury-dc-circuit

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