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They’re REALLY trying to censor Dr. Rashid Buttar

Hi Jerry,

It’s been a crazy day with 4 scheduled interviews.   Just a quick email to tell you all that a few hours ago, just after close of business on Thursday, we were told that the hotel where the 2nd annual Advanced Medicine Conference was scheduled to be held, was changing the rule.

2 days ago, the hotel tried to get us to sign an amendment to a contract that would limit us to 50 people in the ballroom.  We had a 850+ capacity ballroom.  We of course refused.  But yesterday, it was agreed that since the state was opening up, they would limit our ballroom to 50% capacity so we would be limited to 400 people or so. Many people were planning on getting virtual tickets due to travel issues so it was acceptable to us.  We signed the amended contract and had it back back to them yesterday by close of business.  They confirmed receipt.
The Governor of NC then announced opening the state with 50% capacity of restaurants being opened, and churches being opened up.  All was good.
Today, May 21st, I had a broadcast with 166 doctors from all over the world.  During the broadcast, the first of its kind in the world, I received a note from a staff member that the hotel had pulled out.  At 2:30 we had a conference call with the hotel and the hotel said they did NOT pull out, but had to limit us to 10 people in a room.   Apparently, this “virus” abstains” from churches and restaurants, but with meetings with more than 10 people, it becomes WORSE! So despite the state opining up, meetings were further reduced down to 10 people from the previous limit of 50!
We insisted on a meeting with the owners of the hotel and at 4:30 pm, had a meeting with the owners.  The plan was to have the ball room set up for a dinner (restaurant) and we could then have our conference.   However, they changed their mind and stated that although they agreed this covid was a hoax, it was “political” situation for them and they could not go against the governor. The conference call ended at 5:09 with the determination we would still be able to hold our meeting but with only 10 people per room.  And they would give us 7 rooms, but there would be no other adjustments.
We are still having the conference!I’m letting everyone know so they are aware of what has transpired in the last few hours.  The few speakers and exhibitors and attendees I have spoken too, ALL said they are still coming.  It almost brought tears to my eyes.  This is THE MOST important thing happing in the world today…the loss of our fundamental freedoms under the pretense of public safety.
I am letting you know we are still going ahead. I’m still going to be there and we are going to get the VIP ticket holders into the room. But for the regular ticket holders, we don’t know what is going to happen so I’m notifying them of the events that have transpired.  We already have people that have arrived and others that are in transit. But the few I’ve talked too, are ALL still coming.  
Our 1st amendment (Freedom of speech, with the freedom to assemble) has been directly attacked. We were the only conference in the entire country to my knowledge.  And this was the ONLY medical conference in the nation, being held on Memorial Day Weekend! I hope you’re all still able to come and be here.  And I hope you publicize what is happening here, a change that was decided just a few hours ago!

If you are a ticket holder, you will be getting an email with the link for the livestream conference tomorrow evening, along with a password to access all the broadcasts. This will be for all registered attendees.  We are also going to see what we can do for those who still choose to come (as so many have said they would) so that I and some of the other speakers have the opportunity to meet you in person and shake your hand and thank you for standing up to tyrannical decisions by our elected officials like the governor!
Click Here To Purchase Virtual Tickets to the 2nd Annual AMC 2020I hope you also consider purchasing a ticket to “virtually” attend the 2nd Annual Advanced Medicine Conference. Not only will you get some life changing information, you will also be supporting our call to action in opening up the country.  We may be announcing our case against the NC Governor if our legal team decides

Once again, thank you for standing up for truth. For ticket holders, look out for the email tomorrow evening.  I look forward to connecting with each of you personally one day in the near future.  Until then, I hope you join me on a future livestream broadcast on one of the upcoming Monday evening broadcasts.

Dr Rashid A Buttar, FAAPM, FACAM, FAAIM
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