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BOMBSHELL: Tracy Jo Remington, ex-wife of Clinton Child-Pornographer, Spills the Beans on the Pedophile Clinton Foundation & Barry Soetoro Putting Aborted Babies Into Our Food, Outs Comey as Gatekeeper of Elite Pedos

I should probably add Tracy Joe Remington to the lineup below. Liz Corkin remains off it for the time being but if she keeps it up and continues to associate with these Holmseth people, she’s going on it. I appreciate her documentary “Out of Shadows” and would hate to see the true aspects of the story get discredited via her association with these “Children’s Crusade”, pro-pedophilia activists like Field McConnell & Timothy Charles Holmseth.

So here’s the deal. We don’t need Tracy Jo Remington and Liz Corkin to act as the sole source for all this dirt on the Clinton Foundation. We got boatloads of dirt on Killary via PizzaGate & Frazzled.RIP. The issue I have with this Tracy Joe character is that A.) She was married to a prolific child porn Kingpin! She is obviously denouncing him now, but I can’t help but to assume she HAD to have been complicit in her ex-husbands operations to some degree. But I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt for that. But what I WON’T give her the benefit of doubt about is B.) Her affiliation with TIMOTHY CHARLES FUCKING RAGING PEDOPHILE HOLMSETH. Who authored the piece below on Tracy Joe Remington. I hate even talking about that guy. SEE HERE for more on why I call him a pedo. A title I would NEVER hastily apply to anyone, no matter how much I dislike them. I call him a pedo because HE’S A FUCKING PEDO.

Tracy Jo Remington claims her ex-husband, Gregory, was the Clinton Cabals child p0rn0grapher, known as “the baby king” – She says McMinnville, Oregon is the headquarters of this operation t.co/qhqoUKPSAI This is her story, told earlier to Honeybee (she was known as “Emma”

Obit – Gregory Verne Remington, 08-25-1956 ~ 03-16-2018

Here’s Mr. Pedo Con-Artists story on Tracy Joe Remington and her ex-husband the pedophile Kingpin known as the “Baby King”. Ironic that Holmseth would be writing a piece on a pedophile Kingpin. Takes one to know one.

Clinton Foundation child pornographer identified – whistle-blower warns public we are eating babies – Timothy Charles Holmseth REPORTS

by Timothy Charles Holmseth on December 4, 2018 at 9:20 P.M. CST

Hillary Clinton tortures children to death, drinks blood, and we are all eating dead babies.

That’s right, folks.

Tracy (Herman) Remington recently took to Periscope on Twitter and blew the lid off the Clinton Foundation’s satanic child sex cartel.

Remington is no spectator – she was on the inside.

According to Remington, her ex-husband (now deceased), Gregory Vern Remington, McMinnville, Oregon, was a pornographer for Clinton Foundation.

“He was the spider in the center of the Web. His title was ‘The Baby King,” Tracy Remington said.

Tracy Remington said McMinnville is headquarters for “The satanic cult of the Clinton Foundation.”

“I found out the cops, the sheriff’s in McMinnville, Oregon were all a part of it,” Tracy Remington said.

Tracy Remington said she came forward after Liz Crokin, an investigative journalist well known for exposing the secret satanic pedophile rings of the elite put a call out for everyone to come forward.

“Here I am Liz – I’m out there,” Tracy Remington said.

Liz Crokin

“I’ve been threatened, stalked, harassed, GPS’d, followed, you name it,” Tracy Remington said.

In an impassioned plea, Tracy Remington begged the public to research a company she says is using aborted fetuses to make flavor enhancer. “You need to research Senomyx,” she said explaining that the company manufactures a flavor enhancer made of “aborted baby cells”.

“They are making us cannibals!” she said.

Tracy Remington explains how laws were passed by Luciferians so CPS could steal children under color of law and sell them into slavery.

“I’m so thankful George H.W. Bush is dead,” she said.

“Thank you God for President Trump,” she said.

Publishers Note:

Tracy Remington’s story is eerily similar to my (Timothy Charles Holmseth) experiences in the City of East Grand Forks, Minnesota after I uncovered a child sex trafficking and baby sales operation run by self-identifying CIA and FBI operatives that are connected to pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

I have been threatened with death, rape, mutilation, kidnapping of my grandchild, and received countless telephone calls by electronic sounding voices. On one occasion somebody called me on the telephone and I could hear a baby being sacrificed on the other end.

Some of the voice changer calls were from Clinton Foundation.

The police department and many public officials in East Grand Forks are involved in hiding crimes against humanity.

Irrefutable evidence, which is now before the Minnesota Ninth Judicial District court, exposes the police in East Grand Forks, and the city’s attorney Ronald Galstad, as ambitious co-conspirators in a child trafficking and baby selling operation run by members of the international judicial community.

It’s all in the files for the public to obtain.

The EGFPD and Galstad are hiding evidence they purposely kept from the FBI that shows child rape pornography of a missing five year-old from Florida named HaLeigh Cummings was produced and distributed.

The police are working regularly and in communications with satanic organized crime operatives based out of Florida, Indiana and elsewhere.

District Judges Anne Rasmusson and Tamara Yon have seen and heard evidence that proves Ronald Galstad is working with Police Chief Michael Hedlund, Lt. Rodney Hajicek, Sgt. Aeisso Schrage and others to keep the child sex trade operatives safe.

It also caught my attention that Tracy Remington said she reached out to talk show host Alex Jones only to receive no response. I too reached out to Jones, armed with my staggering amount of audio evidence that includes covert CIA recordings – and I never heard a word back – nothing – rather – my email was blocked.

Alex Jones (Bill Hicks) is worse than a fraud – he along with Craig (fraudman) Sawyer (Vets 4 Child Rescue) is one of THEM!

Timothy Holmseth


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