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Description Of Each Execution Method, And Methods Of Execution As Authorized By Each State | WARNUSE

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The U.S. Death Penalty.

Description Of Each Execution Method, And Methods Of Execution As Authorized By Each State.

28 C.F.R. § 26.3 – Date, Time, Place, And Method Of Execution. (deathpenaltyinfo.org/executions/met…)


The U.S. has a long complex history with capital punishment.

Lethal Injection.


Gas Chamber.

Firing Squad.


Authorized Methods Of Execution By State.

(Source: Bureau of Justice Statistics, Capital Punishment 2011, Updat­ed By DPIC.) (deathpenaltyinfo.org/executions/met…)

Alabama – Florida

Georgia – Nevada

New Hampshire – South Dakota

Tennessee – Wyoming

Notice The Two Bottom Entries?

‘U.S. Military’ – ‘Lethal Injection Is The Sole Method.’

‘U.S. Government’ – ‘Lethal Injection Is The Sole Method. (28 C.F.R. § 26.3)’

28 C.F.R. § 26.3 – Date, Time, Place, And Method Of Execution.

If There Are Any Alterations Needed Before The First Executions Commence, That Part Is Probably Already Written, Waiting To Be Signed, And Will Be Implemented As The Trials And Convictions Move Forward.

‘Those Reflections May Come In The Ghostly, Eerie Images Of America’s Death Chambers, Collected From Some Of The 32 States Where The Death Penalty Is Still Legal.’

By Jen Kirby, New York ‘Intelligencer’.

May 16th, 2014

(To Be Continued.) (nymag.com/intelligencer/…)


‘The Possible Pain Experienced During Execution By The Different Methods.’

The Report By Harold Hillman, Unity Laboratory Of Applied Neurobiology, University Of Surrey, U.K.

(Perception, 1993, Volume 22, Pages 745 – 753)

‘Signs Of Severe Pain Or Distress In Persons Executed By Shooting, Hanging, Stoning, Beheading, Electrocution, Gassing, And Intravenous Injection.’

‘Factors Occurring In Execution Which Are Likely To Cause Pain. The Likely Duration Of The Sensations Are Not Known.’

‘Evidence For Pain Being Likely During Execution.’

‘Lethal Injection And Physicians.’

State Law Vs. Medical Ethics.

(Journal Of The American Medical Association
Commentar By Lee Black, JD, LLM And Robert M. Sade, MD.) (deathpenaltyinfo.org/stories/lethal…)

‘U.S. States Negligent In Use Of Lethal Injections. Execution Method May Cause Agonizing Death.’ (hrw.org/news/2006/04/2…)

“We Didn’t Discuss Pain And Suffering.” – William Henry Lloyd, Tennessee Department Of Corrections Lethal Injection Protocol Committee

‘So Long as They Die.’

Lethal Injections In The United States.

The Complete Report.

(To Be Continued.) (hrw.org/report/2006/04…)

‘In Colonial Virginia, Authorities Could Hang Settlers For A Crime As Small As Stealing Grapes Or Killing A Neighbor’s Chicken.’

Morgan Baskin, Pacific Standard, April 27, 2018 (psmag.com/magazine/the-d…)


Officials Execute Virginia Settler George Kendall For Treason. This Is The First Recorded State-Sanctioned Death In The American Colonies.


Most Colonies Have Made Piracy, Murder, Sodomy, Slave Rebellion, Burglary, And Rape Capital Crimes.


‘Some Southern States Increase The Number Of Crimes Eligible For Capital Punishment, Specifically Targeting Slaves.’


‘Benjamin Rush Lobbies The State To Abolish Capital Punishment. He Receives The Support Of William Bradford, Pennsylvania’s Former Attorney General.’


Pennsylvania Scraps The Death Penalty For All Crimes Except Murder “In The First Degree”, Creating A Legal Distinction Between Premeditated And Accidental Murder.


Michigan Becomes The First State To Abolish The Death Penalty – Except In Cases Of Treason.


Remember That Time When Edison Employees Publicly Electrocuted Dogs, Cats, And An Elephant?


Furman v. Georgia – The Supreme Court Rules That Capital Punishment Is Cruel And Unusual Given The Discriminatory Sentencing Guidelines In State Penal Codes.

This Decision Largely Ends Capital Punishment In The U.S. For A Period Of Three Years.


Roper v. Simmons – Prohibits States From Executing Juveniles. Three Years Later Baze v. Rees Upholds The Use Of Lethal Injection As A Method Of Execution.

Electric Chair Still Legal In Nine States, Gas Chamber In Six, Hanging And Firing Squad In Three.

(To Be Continued.)

On The Morning Of June 7, 1936, Rainey Bethea Robbed, Raped, And Murdered Lischia Edwards, A 70 Year Old White Woman.

Eluding Police For Several Days, Bethea Was Eventually Spotted A Third Time On A River Bank Where He Attempted To Hop A Barge, And Was Arrested.

Bethea Confessed, But Was Only Charged With Rape, Which Allowed For The Convicted To Be Publicly Hanged In The County Where The Crimes Were Committed.

Gov. Albert Benjamin ‘Happy’ Chandler Signed Bethea’s Execution Warrant. The Execution Was Set For Sunrise, August 14., 1936.

The Hanging Drew National Media Attention, Mainly Because The Sheriff Of Daviess County, Kentucky, Was A Woman. Sheriff Florence Shoemaker Thompson Would Be Responsible For Hanging Bethea, But She Did Not Push The Lever To The Gallows’ Trapdoor Herself, That Would Be Done By

…Arthur L. Hash, A Former Louisville Police Officer, With A Slight Alcohol Problem. Hash Had Offered His Services Free Of Charge.

Shortly Before Sunrise, Around 5:20 A.M. On Friday, August 14, 1936, Rainey Bethea Was Led To The Gallows In Owensboro, Kentucky.

An Estimated 15,000 – 20,000 People, Including Thousands From Out Of Town, Showed Up For Bethea’s Hanging.

The Hanging Would Be Arthur L. Hash’s 70th. Bethea Made No Final Statement To The Crowd.

Bethea Stands On The ‘X’ Marked On The Trapdoor, With The Black Hood Over His Head. Officers Do The Final Adjustments, And Tighten The Noose.

At This Point Arthur L. Hash Was Drunk. G. Phil Hanna, A Farmer From Epworth, Illinois, Who Was Supervising, Yells At Hash… “Do It!”

Hash Doesn’t React, And A Deputy Leans Onto The Lever. Bethea Drops 14′, His Neck Snaps Instantly. Bethea Is Pronounced Dead At 5:45 A.M.

Rainy Bethea’s Hanging Would Be The Last Public Execution In The United States.

‘The Newspapers Played It For All It Was Worth, People Went Nuts For The Idea Of This Fine Example Of White Southern Womanhood Somehow Delivering The Coup de Grâce To A Black Rapist.’

By Edmund Newton, August 5, 2018 (ozy.com/true-story/my-…)

‘There Was The Man With Red Hair And A Salesman’s Moustache Who Lived In A Nearby County Who Simply Volunteered To Watch People Die When He Was Afforded The Opportunity.’

By Justin Norton, March 19, 2018 (ozy.com/true-story/i-w…)

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