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A Thread by stormypatriotjoe⭐️⭐️⭐️ 🚨💣Holy Shitt💣🚨 Jessie Waters Just Blew Up[Narrative by Exposing George Floyd Story]


I told y’all that we’d weave CV19 into the Floyd case sooner or later

Watch how this goes

“We have to label him as a COVID19 death”

Outrage occurs

“Forces” us to re-look at the 100k “CV19 deaths” (rename most)

You are watching a movie#QAnon #MAGA

Control Q

What if I told you….

The Cop in the Floyd case
Worked at the bar for “17” years

He lived on “17th” street

And the fire truck that came to the scene was “E17”#QAnon #MAGA

Patriots are in Control

Choice to know will be yours

Yup COVID19 gets another…

You are watching a movie

#QAnon #MAGA

Floyd tie in on passing the counterfeit $20?

What else did George know?

“Hello George” – Q


ICYMI: CBP officers discovered $900,000 in counterfeit US currency in a commercial rail shipment in International Falls, MN. The counterfeit currency was seized and will be turned over to @SecretService. Details: http://bit.ly/37ta6kA 

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Here’s the “Hello George” Q

Now read the rest of it

Making sense yet?

Choice to know is yours

Q leaves plenty of crumbs

#QAnon #MAGA


Me 5/28 vs today’s news

Can’t make it up

(Unless you are)

“Nothing is as it seems” – Q

You are watching a (Porn) movie 😎#QAnon #MAGA

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