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An In Depth Look At H.R. 6666: The Trace Act – DOA – Death of America

Source: by Dusty Rastetter | Contributor | Eternal Affairs Media

H.R. 6666, also known as the TRACE Act, is being decided by our elected officials in the House. TRACE stands for “COVID–19 Testing, Reaching, And Contacting Everyone (TRACE) Act”. The Act itself is only six pages, and seems rather mundane on its face. In general terms, it proposes a means to find contact tracing on a federal level.

There are many of us who would think that contact tracing is a bad thing, which it is. But there’s a deeper “tell” concealed in this legislation. The Bill itself is short because its references many other Acts that have already been passed. The foundation to deal with what we’re going through was laid out previously. That’s good, right? Congress has our back, looking out for the common man. What heroes they are! Let’s take a quick look atCoronavirus, as we’ve experienced it in life.

We vaccinate animals against COVID-2, and COVID-5. Those are the two particularly bad strains for livestock and pets. We’ve done this for decades. We aren’t unaware of Coronavirus. The thing about COVID-19 is, it’s a “novel” virus. It’s just something that popped out of nowhere, nobody could have seen it coming. That’s exactly what makes it “novel”. That being said, why has Congress been putting money aside to deal with the virus -specifically, COVID-19– since 2018? Once Democrats regained the house, they began setting aside funding for COVID-19. The novel virus that just came out of nowhere… even though Australian researchers have recently found signs that the virus was manipulated, in a lab. They had to find this in their own virus samples, as China destroyed every last sample that they collected instead of sharing them to help the world.

We’re aware of Coronavirus. We inoculate against strains 2 and 5. We’ve been squirreling money away for 19, yet it’s just a freak of nature that popped up out of nowhere? Does this make any sense to you? We’re not being told the truth about this virus. Why is Congress setting money aside for something that doesn’t exist?

And don’t even get me started on the cure, hydroxychloroquine. It’s been recognized by the good Dr. Fauci himself, as the treatment for Coronavirus, malaria, and a few other viruses since 2005. Scientists and doctors have actually been successfully researching HCQ as a cure for AIDS, many cancers, and a few other terminal or chronic illnesses for decades. Breakthroughs haven’t been realized because of continual funding cuts to the research. It’s odd that once it showed promise, the funding for research dried up.

Keep this in mind as we go through the TRACE Act. The TRACE Act primarily authorizes the use of funds previously set aside for COVID-19, for 2 purposes. The wording is vague, and it’s taken me a lot of digging into the other referenced Acts to find meaning, definition, and course of action. In the end, those funds are released to deal with contact tracing and quarantine services.

As a side note, I’d like to emphasize that funds for research aren’t given to research facilities. They are all allocated to universities. Not private schools, but STATE FUNDED Universities. They all have specific Chino-American schools paid for by the CCP. While not specifically relevant to this article in particular, it’s important to know.

Let’s look at this part:

(a) In General.—The Secretary of Health and Human Services, acting through the Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, may award grants to eligible entities to conduct diagnostic testing for COVID–19, to trace and monitor the contacts of infected individuals, and to support the quarantine of such contacts, through—

(1) mobile health units; and

(2) as necessary, testing individuals and providing individuals with services related to testing and quarantine at their residences.

Sounds reasonable, right? Those are some tame words. But what do they mean? Let’s look first at “mobile health units”. That means, the government will look at your location history (which is well documented through Google, I’ve used it to press charges on thieves that have stolen devices), so… this location data will hold up in court (and it does). There’s a broader perspective to this, and it’s essentially an expansion of the “two step” rule in FISA court. Let’s say you test positive for Coronavirus- they check your location history. If I’ve been anywhere near you, they can check mine too, as well as anyone I’ve been in the vicinity of. Mind you, they can also check Google search histories, and internet histories. If they see anything on the side regarding location and search history, those two things alone are enough to establish grounds for a surveillance warrant. It’s 1984, Obama style. The only thing that the government needs to conduct mass surveillance of civilians is location history, search history, and browsing history. Let’s just call it data history. It’s the missing link to all that they’ve already established.

The other nefarious thing about this bill is what they’ve coined“quarantine services”. I cannot stress enough what this means from a government perspective. It essentially boils down to two things, and neither of them is good. The first scenario involves government officials entering your home and removing anyone who isn’t infected, if you are. Say goodbye to your kids, this authorizes the authorities to take them from you and place them in Child Protective Services. Looking at the case studies by age, this makes no sense. Children pretty rarely die from this unless they have cystic fibrosis or a similar ailment, some underlying illness that COVID-19 exacerbates.

There’s another aspect to these “quarantine services”. They can choose to remove you, and still remove those in your home. So the question then becomes, where will they put you if they remove you? That’s a good question, one that needs an answer. I only have rumors there, because there is no official answer. Here’s what I know. Electricians are wiring shipping containers to fit six people in isolation per container, for FEMA. Don’t count on one or the other, as these quarantine services relate. It’s best to count on both, or neither.

In essence, this Bill does three things. It gives money to Universities that have support from China. It authorizes tracking of you, everyone you know, and everyone they know. It allows for you to be isolated, and your family to be placed in State care, with no means or stated method to bring your family back together once this passes. There’s really no explanation of how to make anything right at the end of all this. They just expect you to come out on the other side seeing this as the new normal.

There are several Constitutional dangers that need to be addressed. It goes without saying that this Bill removes our rights under the first, potentially the third, the fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth amendments. I could go into an explanation of how each of those rights can (and potentially will) be violated by this Act. But there’s something more important to consider here. The real bite here is what it will take to declare this Act unconstitutional, if ratified. If you’re quarantined in a shipping container, good luck finding a lawyer to petition the court on your behalf. Also, there are no appropriations to appoint a Guardian ad Litem For your children, if they’ve been removed. But let’s say for this argument’s sake that you do actually secure representation. You file in district court for federal oversight, as it’s a federal law. It will be struck down, as we allowed these lawmakers to enact this law by voting for them. The appeals court will deny your appeal, for basically the same reason. They won’t even hear the appeal without compelling reason. So you appeal to the Supreme Court. They may, or may not, hear your argument. That’s always a toss up, for several reasons. But for this argument, let’s have some faith and assume they’ll hear the case, and you win. The law is declared unconstitutional. You’re free, your family is returned to you. And it only took two to ten years to complete this process. That’s the reality, and our lawmakers know this very well.

Please look into this for yourself, as I’ve only captured a small part of it in this article. To say that they’re using this virus to undermine or freedoms is the understatement of the century. They already have the mechanisms in place for complete socialist enslavement, it’s all in the reference material for this Bill. This Act is all that they need to insure the doom of the freedoms that we live by.

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