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In London for Cabal ritual? What happened to house arrest? | Madonna takes part in a protest in London with a very unusual look(VIDEO)

Source: Juans.lv | 6-7-20

A protest “Justice for George Floid” took place in London on June 6. Among the Protestants, the 61-year-old singer Madonna was also noticed, who currently has difficulty moving due to a road injury.

However, this did not prevent Madonna from taking part in the protest to which she had come in support of the crutches. This was reported by social network users.

The photo of the artist appeared on the social network “Twitter”. There is also a video of Madonna talking friendly to protesters, taking photos with them and spreading various slogans.

In the evening, the peaceful event turned into a mess. Clashes broke out between protesters and police.

Madonna protests in London. (Photo: TWITTER / @ AARONXLDN via REUTERS / Scanpix)

Madonna has long suffered from a leg injury. After Madame X’s concert tour, she is scheduled for an operation in London.

In March, the artist mourned on stage as she fell from a chair and was injured. 

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