#PedoGate, #ThesePeopleAreSick, #wwg1wga, Timothy Charles Holmseth is a Con Artist & Pedophile

THE TWILIGHT ZONE: Certain Creators are Still in Denial After Timothy Charles Holmseth was Exposed as a Con-Artist Pedophile

Con-Artists to Avoid in the “Alt. News” & “Q” Communities

Con-Artists to Avoid in the “Alt. News” & “Q” Communities

I didn’t want to have to keep reporting on this creepy little chode, however certain content creators who originally featured him on their channel are still in heavy denial about this guy and have decided to light my feed up with low IQ unhinged banter. Failing to address to glaring underlying evidence.

So dummy-lady CirstenW has decided to go ape shit on me because I called her out for having this guy on her show. She knows she has no ground to stand on when it comes to defending Timothy so she has decided to lie and claim that I called her a pedophile, when in actuality I went out of my way to make sure to make the distinction between the admitted pedophiles: Timothy Charles Holmseth, Abel Danger, the now incarcerated, Field McConnell, and the pedophile apologists or unknowing participants in this con job, like her. She had her chance to denounce him like many others did but instead she has chosen to attack me.

Does anybody actually believe that this guy heads a secret task force at the Pentagon and is “one man away from Trump”? If you do then you need to rush to get a MRI immediately!

This guy had the audacity to claim on his blog that you can verify his legitimacy by typing “Illuminati” backwards “itanimulli” into your browser address, and because it gets forwarded to NSA.gov, that’s his supposed proof that he provides to the legitimacy of his credentials! A fucking prank by some webmaster from years ago that was seized on by this lying pasty little bitch-ass chode to propagate and even more unbelievable con job.

If he was just a con artist on his own, without being a pedophile, it would be bad enough. But group them together and the synergy creates an outrageously despicable situation.

Check out all the evidence for yourself. I wouldn’t throw around such heinous accusations without legit evidence, and the evidence is out of control and really gross.


  1. Jsem Jirka

    No idea what his creepy photos are about but important to know, he never mentioned them or denied. According to my research I share with you following ideas:
    – most likely someone who fooled everyone by fake entities and searching for profit
    – disinfo agent (goes by all options)
    – pedophile who knew about all victims trough “search warrant of his PC..”
    – he lie alot, some of his facts are false, maybe paranoic (in his case) search warrant on thc but..
    – His creepy recordings with police officers, who were evidently so bored by his “investigation” calls that they even troled him
    – seems always get in the scene like fake cop in the worse B movie
    – search warrant, harassing people records..
    – probably celebrity in his town
    – friend of zublick, well even his face was priceless while he interwied him
    – pedophile confession book published on his website (restricted by FBI on amazon now, which I accidently have read, not worth to look for, story about poor me..)
    – he knows about UNDERGROUND

    Reading his book on amazon would tell the whole story but who is brave enough to waste his brain and focus on someone who us not important at all.. but he is good in one thing, divide the sheeps, take their money and let them be in the neverending circle of lies which decrease the number of our cause.
    Your web do great job,
    Truth and love wins!

    • Comment by post author

      Awesome insight my friend. You are definitely right that he is not worth the time but unfortunately right now this little crew of con artists have duped so many people, including unhinged “truthers” on YouTube who are too proud and/or stupid and/or complicit to admit that they have also been duped that I must spend time addressing this shit-show and picking these people apart. It’s probably the least challenging endeavor I’ve ever Been involved with since I started my blog, given that the evidence is so shocking and so in your face and very undeniable and even worse, very very gross. Lots of people were duped for a short while by this guy and his other conspirators. When I found out about it I admitted I had made a mistake and retracted it. So I don’t know why certain people are so butt hurt. Apparently that’s how low IQ individuals deal with adversity. Its unfortunate. I’m gonna repost your comment if that’s OK. Great commentary!

      • Jsem Jirka

        Fast edit into the post was epic and loyal. I just ask why such people get so much attention… Also he claim that underground cages (and below…) which he somehow knows about, has been cleared which could be true today or tomorrow, wierd psycho.

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