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Field McConnell’s Hilarious & Stunning Threats to Judge During Hearing, Demands Release & has Audacity to Claim Whistle-blower Status as Part of the Made-up “Pentagon Pedophile Taskforce”

I didn’t want to keep devoting so much time to this squad of con artists, but listening to Field McConnells bail hearing as he arrogantly dresses down this judge, was so funny & blisteringly entertaining that I had to post it. He:

  • Demands his immediate release on his own recognizance.
  • Threatens punitive legal action against the entire judicial jurisdiction in Wisconsin
  • Commits bold-faced perjury by claiming to be a Government whistle-blower and part of the Federal PPTF “Pentagon Pedophile Task Force”

I know this stuff is funny, and I swear I am not going out looking for this stuff just to troll people. Just because I absolutely tear people to shreds when they deserve it, and it’s often funny, doesn’t mean I like doing it. But someone has gotta make it not worth it for them to go out there and do this kind of sick hoaxing, on a topic that you know pulls at people’s heartstrings with pedophilia. Pedophiles using stories about deep state pedophiles to try to eventually normalize pedophilia is beyond disgusting and they will not operate without digital consequences at the very least.


  1. Jsem Jirka

    • Truth and Love Wins

      He is probably celebrity in his town, seems this lady knows too much about him… There is one easy way to get rid off him for good but a bit cruel, criminal complaint/accusation and goodbye but waste our time and time of legal entities again..

    • Comment by post author

      I knew these people weren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer but this is just straight up retardation.

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