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Brian Stelter Whined About Trump Being a Liar, As he Simultaneously Lied About Seattles “Autonomous Zone”

Unreal that Brian thought the exchange was a bad look for her, not him.

Brian Skeksis Stelter gets his ass an…ni…hil….ated ANNIHILATED.
Typical Liberals reaction when called on their shit! Their position is obviously so weak it cannot withstand debate so they ALWAYS talk over those who speak the truth! ALWAYS!
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High pitched Marxist shill and head CNN anchor Brian “Skeksis” Stelter has been having a tough go of late. He whined yesterday about FOX mischaracterizing the “Autonomous Zone”, or “CHAZ” in downtown Seattle as being “a chaotic mess of anarchy”. He wanted you to believe that this was an outright lie and that it was a mostly peaceful “social experiment”.

Umm, Brian: have you heard about the armed warlord “Raz” who quickly filled the power vacuum in the 7 block perimeter from hell that the police seemingly allowed ANTIFA & BLM to colonize? Did you know that the activists had all their food stolen by the homeless right when they arrived? Forcing them to get on social media to beg for more supplies? Why don’t we take a look and see what’s really going on in this “CHAZ” zone, shall we Brian?

Journalist Andy Ngo says Seattle’s occupied zone is like ‘Jekyll and Hyde’

Here we have a man losing his mind after just being robbed and beaten while the “CHAZ security” did nothing
Warlord “Raz from CHAZ” Caught on Video Handing Out AR15s to Random Young Activists
A man on a microphone sicced a large mob on the Car Tender autoshop near the Seattle “autonomous zone.” They broke down the fence. The owner said he apprehended an arsonist before all his comrades showed up to try & free him. Police never came.
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