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Crop Circles, Outrageous Anomalies in the Sun & in Space, and that was just yesterday…Crazy Armageddon’ish Happenings

Not gonna lie, I’m a tad alarmed….

I’ve been slightly panicked about what I’ve been seeing going down. We have some undeniable recent happenings that have some scary alignments with Biblical prophecy. Besides the blatant ushering in of the forewarned “New Age” that NESARA is poised to trigger. We’ve also had signs in the sun & moon, along with other recent precursors to an approaching asteroid/comet as mentioned in the “Wormwood Prophecies“. Although author Tom Horn has speculated this would not be until 2029. Although recently he’s changed his tune.

Lots of end-time’ish vibes. Also talk of an incoming solar wave of radiation, or even a burst of plasma from the sun blanketing the Earth and causing devastating bursts of heat to incinerate our cities. Dr. Robert Schoch has some stupendous work that he’s put together on what he calls “Solar Outbursts” and blames the last Ice Age on these solar events.

You can see evidence of a similar event that’s encrusted on the surface of many of some of the oldest megalithic pre-dynastic statues and temples in Giza and all along the Nile valley in Egypt.

Tannis for example, was spectacular megalithic city in pre-dynastic Egypt and it was absolutely devastated by some apocalyptic unknown force.

While it may be the case that the destruction we see here may be related to the great flood that wiped out temple complexes like Puma Punku in the highlands of Bolivia, burying the ruins in mud(Tannis was also buried up to 20 feet in some spots). The ruins at Tannis have the tell-tale charring on the surfaces of so many of the finely cut, heavily polished stone blocks that you find scattered about the eerily colored sand that you see at the site. In the above video, Brian Forrester remarks that the devastation and charring that we see at Tannis is indicative of,

“…a massive external force that blew Tannis to pieces”

Brian Forrester on pre-dynastic city Tannis

This is all very compelling evidence and should force us to concede that these solar bursts have indeed happened in the past and could be scheduled to happen again. There is evidence that these cycles are predictable. Likely another piece of crucial ancient knowledge that’s kept away from the public.

I don’t want to come off as too sensationalist, considering the events around the 2012, and even the Y2K doomsday prophecies were equally as compelling, and nothing happened. I’m just letting ya’ll kids know what I see going down. That’s all. 👍

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