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Kamala Harris Made & Shocking & Vindictive Statement Threatening Retribution Against All Trump Supporters. Is She Upset b/c Her Friends are Being Executed?

Ok, this was supposedly from a parity piece, not an actual quote, to be fair. But she’s still a piece of shit.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always looked upon California Senator Kamala Harris with disdain & distrust. She’s a virtue-signaling, race pandering DemonRat. But certainly wasn’t the worst of them, I thought. She didn’t outright terrify me like when looking into the eyes of say, an Hakeem Jefferies, who would consistently have the look of pure hatred and thirst to defile and destroy all decency and truth. I mean, Kamala had her license to carry a concealed firearm in Cali, and even boasted about it to the chagrin of her party. So she wasn’t pure evil like Schiff, Pelosi, Jeffries, Waters, Wasserman-Schultz, Kubulchar, I could go on, but she was way below them.

But after this outrageous criminal threat against half the population of a country of 600 million people, I’m now forced to fear her in the same regard as the most evil of the DemonRats.

This is disgusting. Bill Barr needs to make an example out of her. It would be a good excuse to start something with the Dems if we needed a reason.


  1. David Barber

    Uh 310 million live here.

  2. Christina Pansy

    She put 1600 people in prison for marijuana, then laughed when asked if she ever used it herself. The laws are for the “little people,” not for Kamala and her friends who, according to Kamala, are the rightful occupants of the White House.

    • Comment by post author

      Even her black father dissed her publicly when she did that on the breakfast club, she was like, “haa, I’m Jamaican, of course I’m cool with weed” and they was looking at her like bitch, you barely even black… but they didn’t say that, because they are VERY OBEDIENT leftist shills on that show. You saw how Charlamagne didn’t react at all to Bidens gaffe about not being black. He would have gotten lashes from Mad Maxine if he had…

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