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The Great Bigfoot — Human War of 1855 | CRYPTOBLAST, KINNINIGAN

The Crypto Blast: The Great Bigfoot — Human War of 1855

Source: | 6-23-16

The following story may sound so weird that you might even think that it came straight out of a science fiction novel, but believe me when I tell you that the following events did happen, and there are historical artifacts that support it. The following is from the book: “True Bigfoot Horror: The Apex Predator – Monster in the Woods: Cryptozoology: Terrifying, Violent, and True Encounters of Sasquatch Hunting People (Cryptozoology, Sasquatch, Paranormal) (Volume 1)”here.
The Great Bigfoot — Human War of 1855

Countless wars and battles have been waged across the United States, and most of them were chronicled in history books, but there’s one war that’s so bizarre that it would feel at home in the science fiction aisles of your local bookstore; the Great Bigfoot-Choctaw War of 1855.

According to legends of the Choctaw Indians, a long time ago Hamas Tubbee, a great Choctaw warrior, and his sons encountered a group of unusual beasts during their routine patrol through their territories. Although Choctaw Indians were already quite large in stature compared to the other tribes, Hamas and his six sons were significantly bigger than anyone else in their village was. Standing at almost 7-feet tall, you can actually say that the Tubbees were natural-borne warriors, which in fact they are.

Hamas and his sons were point riders in the Choctaw cavalry, ironically called the “Lighthorsemen”. Because of their size and strength, the Tubbees were almost always at the forefront, and they were also tasked to keep the peace within their territories.

On one particular day, the Choctaw cavalry’s assignment was to flush out a band or raiders that have been victimizing some of the local farmers. The captain of the thirty man strong cavalry was a man named Joshua LeFlore. Even though the captain was of mixed blood (half French and half Choctaw) the men of the cavalry have so much respect for him, and they’d be more than willing to follow him through hell and back, which they have actually done several times before. However, this particular mission of theirs will test LeFlore’s and his mens’ mettle.

The bandits have gotten quite bold; besides taking large amounts of corn and other vegetables from Choctaw villages, they have also resorted to kidnapping young children. Their atrocities have been taking place all over the Arkansas border and well into the Choctaw Indian territory. So the cavalry have a long ride ahead of them if they wish to flush out and exterminate the bandit menace.

The Choctaw cavalry have been traveling non-stop since they left their village at around 3:00AM; their first stop was when they came across the Clover River. Eight hours of continuous riding can take a toll on even the most seasoned rider. This quick break helped the horses and the riders recoup their strength for the final leg of their long journey. At around 4:30 PM, LeFlore gave the signal to his men to get ready to embark again.

A couple of hours into the last leg of their journey, LeFiore signaled the company to halt; it seemed that he saw something in the distance and he needed to make sure if it was their target or not. Standing on his stirrups, LeFlore took out his telescope so he can get a better look. He estimated that the bandits were around 500 yards away, and fortunately his men and their horses have gotten enough rest that they can mount a full-armed charge at their target then.

With LeFiore and the Tubbee men at the front, the captain gave the order for the rest of the men to charge into the thick forest and smother the bandit groups. Everything seemed to go as planned, that is until they reached the thickest part of the forest where the bandits were hiding out. A horrible stench of death and decay greeted the men and their horses as they broke through the trees. The odor was so bad that some of the horses bucked and threw their riders on the ground. Only the horses of Captain LeFlore and those of the Tubbees were trained enough to still continue following their masters and go through with the attack. However, much to the cavalry’s surprise, something much more horrible was waiting for them in the bandits’ camp. Upon reaching the clearing that was the bandits’ “hideout”, what greeted the men was a mound of bloody bodies of dead children in varying stages of decay. Most of the “bandits” have already fled, but three, very large, ape-like creatures still remained in the camp and were feasting on the bodies of the children. Captain LeFlore, even though he didn’t know what to make of the scene in front of him, still managed to draw his saber and charge at the monsters. One of the huge beasts dispatched LeFlore’s horse with just one swing of its massive arm. After recovering from his fall, LeFlore, with his sabre in one hand and a pistol in the other, continued to charge at the beasts. The Captain emptied the chambers of his Colt revolver in the chest of one of the ape-beasts, but it still kept charging at him. LeFiore hacked and stabbed at one of the beast, and even though each hit managed to draw blood, the beast was still standing. The engagement between the captain and the ape-beasts were so sudden that the Tubbee men barely had time to react, and when they did, it was already too late. One of the beasts managed to sneak up behind the captain and tore off his head. Upon seeing the headless body of their captain fall to the ground, the Tubbees wasted no time unloading round after round of their Sharp’s buffalo rifles on the three beasts. Thanks to years of training and experience, almost all of their bullets hit the beasts’ heads, instantly killing them, except for one. An injured ape-beast tried to escape the Tubbees’ assault, and it seemed that it would succeed in doing so since the men had to reload their rifles. However, Robert, the youngest of the Tubbee brothers, chased the beast and finished it off using only his hunting knife. When the rest of the cavalry caught up with him, Robert had already decapitated the beast and letting out a chilling primal yell. Once the cavalry regained their composure and their control over their mounts, they surveyed the lair of the beasts. All in all, the “bandits” have killed and supposedly eaten 19 human children. They buried the poor victims in 19 separate graves, and they buried their beloved captain and honored him with a 21-gun salute. As for the “bandits”, the cavalry threw the bodies of the beasts into a large bonfire. The cavalry journeyed back to Tuskahoma, and even though they were somewhat successful with their mission, the cavalry had to contend with all of the horrors that they have seen. It is also doubtful if they were able to get back to the way they were before the incident. You can read more buy buying the book: “True Bigfoot Horror: The Apex Predator – Monster in the Woods: Cryptozoology: Terrifying, Violent, and True Encounters of Sasquatch Hunting People (Cryptozoology, Sasquatch, Paranormal) (Volume 1)”here.

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