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How on Earth is Timmy Holmseths Channel “The High Command” Still Up? There is a Court Order that Forbids Holmseth & McConnell from Talking About Kim Picazio or the Fraudulent “Pentagon Pedophile Task Force”

All of his videos and his channel have been removed since first publishing this post. My most recent coverage of this insane scam and even crazier cast of characters can be found at the following pages:

These are some of the lowest forms of cellular life inhabiting this dimension.

YouTube and Twitter sure do love protecting pedophiles. They have no problem hitting the delete button when it comes to Christianity or important 5G truths. But when there is a channel run by a menagerie of despicable con-artists, lead by Holmseth, with a court order hanging over his head commanding him to shut his mouth, YouTube could care less. Or when you have CirstenW having a compete meltdown on Twitter after I called her a pedophile apologist for having Holmseth on her show. And as a result I’m the one who gets suspended after she reported me(after she thought she doxxed me too), for simply telling the truth. She did that. That’s not slander.

These left-wing activist groups, disguised as certain tech giants, are likely so frenzied and foaming at the mouth to go after dissenting voices from the right and Christians (often hand in hand) that they literally have run out of resources to police the remaining channels out there that actually need policing. Or they just don’t care. Which is very probable.

These fanny-pack wearing sociopaths have their own YouTube channel [The High Command] that’s inexplicably still up, despite a court order for Holmeseth, McConnell & Pendergrass that explicitly states that they must cease from talking about any of this Pentagon Pedophile Task Force crap, specifically the false accusations they levied against powerhouse Florida attorney, Kim Picazio. If your wondering why in the world they would go after her, the answer is unreal.

It started with emails that Holmseth had been incessantly sending to the office of Picazio’s law firm, trying to solicit her firm to do pro-bono work for him due to all his legal issues(she is known for her charitable pro-bono work). Hmmm Timothy: I wonder why a reputable and nationally famous lawyer wouldn’t want to waste her and her teams time doing pro Bono work for a pedophile like you?

Timothy didn’t like the lack of response he got, so he and his crew of con-artist pedophiles decided to fabricate an elaborate concoction of fictional narratives about the disappearance of Haleigh Cummings, accusing Picazio of kidnapping & murdering the child!!!……Let that sink in….. Let me repeat….When known lifelong pedophile & ex-con, Timothy Charles Holmseth was rebuked by Picazios law firm when attempting to plead for free legal representation from one of the top lawyers in the country, he responded by cooking up an elaborate and disturbing set of fairy tales alleging Kim Picazio kidnapped, raped and brutally murdered a 5 year old girl, Haleigh Cummings, who is actually still missing, never having been found. That certainly didn’t stop them from filling in all the sick blanks with what they claim happened to Haleigh involving the way she was tortured, murdered and body subsequently disposed of. They left out no twisted detail there.

These are the kind of people we are dealing with, so watch out and beware. These are some of the lowest forms of cellular life inhabiting this dimension.

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